Open Thread 3

I had a hectic, non-stop week with the offline life, and I am pretty much wiped. I survived it, though, and it wasn’t a bad week. Just a busy one.

What’s up?

(A couple of housekeeping notes after the jump.)

I am taking a break from blogging at Just Gene’O starting today, and will have an announcement about that over there in a bit. My regular Saturday feature, “If We Were Having Coffee,” will be here tomorrow.

I’ve got so many unanswered comments from the last couple of days here and there on the Internet I’m not sure where to start. My next order of business is to get caught up on all my threads, which means I’ll be on WordPress later this evening (perhaps in a couple of hours), so feel free to chime in.

I’m anticipating a couple more weeks like this one before the offline life slows down. That may mean less blogging from me for a bit. I expect a lull the first week of August, and hope to use that week to get really caught up.

Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Open Thread 3

  1. My life May or may not slow down. It’s the last week of Summer Reading, then we have our end of Summer parties, and the library anime convention before we have to gear up for an plan for the Fall. I won’t be doing a program a week, but I’ll be takin on another age group (Tweens) and assisting with the younger kids. So who knows.


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