Open Thread 2

What’s up? Seen anything on the Internet worth sharing this week?

I’m starting to get pumped for the new season of Doctor Who myself, and I’m hoping Peter Capaldi brings it.

Here’s a very nice teaser trailer:

As always with these open threads, anything’s fair game as long as it’s nice. So discuss blogging, talk about your week, exchange chess strategies, share links, or whatever.

I’ll not be around an awful lot this evening, but will be checking in as I’m able.

14 thoughts on “Open Thread 2

  1. This open thread thing is a cool concept, even though I don’t have anything specific to say on the topic. Still thought I’d pop on. 🙂


  2. I’m so hoping Capaldi and Clara have better chemistry. Last season was such a disappointment in the script department… They’ve made such a big deal about this being a new direction, I just really hope it is. I’ve lost a lot of faith in Moffat.


    • Me too. He’s a great episode writer – one of the best – but a lukewarm show-runner at best, in my opinion. He seems to have a problem ending long story arcs. It’s a genuine weakness, but not fatal. Stephen King has the same problem with endings, and I love him. I was not satisfied with the ending of River Song at all. So much had gone into that character, and I felt like the way they wrapped her up really squandered something special.

      I’ve not lost faith in the show, though. Not one little bit. And I do hope we get another Gaiman episode this season.


      • I used to defend him about being anti-feminist and I still don’t know that he as a person is anti-feminist on purpose, but the treatment of River Song and some other things have changed my mind, and the fact that he keeps ending his arcs in the same way over and over is a real problem. Not to mention the ongoing train wreck of Sherlock. 😦 But I’ve been a Whovian since birth, and the show could still get itself together again!


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