Zac Brown plays . . . Metallica!

The enigmatic blogger known as PeaceLoveGreatCountryMusic,  who runs the recently-renamed blog Apple Pie and Napalm (there’s a story there), asked me earlier if I’d heard The Zac Brown Band play Jimmy Buffett’s “Volcano.” As it turns out, I hadn’t. I said so, while thinking to myself “holy hell, you’ve never posted Zac Brown on your blog.” I went looking for their rendition of “Volcano” and found it. I also found this one, and since we haven’t had much hard rockin’ lately, I decided to post it instead. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Zac Brown plays . . . Metallica!

  1. I’m so glad you found it and wanted to use something. His voice is near flawless in concert and I respect that he has never been in radio’s back pocket. He and the band have chose to do it their own way and it’s refreshing to see.


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