Open Thread 1

I post these threads on Friday afternoons to give people a chance to just chatter without having to comment on a post. I’m happy to answer questions, read suggestions about our blogs, or chit-chat about pretty much any topic.

I always include a question in case no one can think of anything much to say. Answering the question is optional, but if three other people answer it, I answer it on the thread myself.

Here’s my question for today. Bloggers love to do regular features. What’s your favorite feature on the blogs you read regularly? It’s ok to name a few if you can’t pick just one.

– I’ve given this one a real number because they’ve been good so far, so I think it’s safe to go ahead and call this a thing.

22 thoughts on “Open Thread 1

    • I haven’t looked at D&D rules since the first version of 3rd edition, which I thought were a great improvement over second edition. My entire D&D group that I’d played with twice a month for 10 years up and moved to Colorado together.

      I’m hoping to get back into a campaign this summer with some friends, so I may have thoughts on them later. Is it a free download, or does it cost $$?

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  1. Has the WordPress Visual Editor lost it’s mind today? The GUI looks like it’s changed dramatically, and it clobbered the formatting on my drafts. (I’ve opened a support question, thought I’d ask it here among My People too.)

    Thanks for having an open discussion thread for me to take advantage of.

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    • I just checked some drafts I have loaded, and don’t see any difference or any problems with my own formatting. I will say, though, WP has been having hiccups lately.

      Earlier this week, our visitors on all our sites went 10 hours without updating, even though our views were fine, and this was a widespread problem, judging from the support thread.

      And, Diana almost lost a 1200-word draft because it didn’t save properly. The only thing that saved her was she’d left the browser open and was able to recover the draft using the Back button.

      I’m downloading backups of all our blogs later today because I’ve seen so many problems this week.


    • Just so you know, Patrick. Any time you have something like this, feel free to drop it on the top thread unless we’re obviously having a focused discussion. If you aren’t sure, the About page is the place to leave it.

      I am very alert to WordPress problems and I always investigate them at the earliest opportunity.

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      • I don’t think I’ve ever had a button to change font colors. I didn’t even have a strikethrough until a few weeks ago. Seems like Diana read somewhere a few weeks ago that WordPress was in the process of making changes to the user interface, for what that’s worth.


    • I seem to have found a workaround. If I go directly on Preview of my drafts and then hit the edit link at the bottom of the page, I’m in the familiar editor, and formatting is retained.

      If from the Draft listing page I hit Edit though instead of Preview, I end up in the new(?) visual editor and there are issues.

      Thank for the feedback, again. Best regards all.


    • I noticed the editor was all changed a few days ago and gave up trying to figure it out, just went through the dashboard to get back to the old version. I didn’t notice any formatting changes in my drafts, but I need to go check now.


  2. What a great Friday post.

    As an avid reader I personally love reading about the new book finds other bloggers have come across. I’ve also just registered on Netgalley and feel like a kid in a sweet shop!!

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    • Thanks! It’s a nice thing for a Friday afternoon because views fall off starting approximately three hours before Happy Hour on the East Coast, so it doesn’t make sense to post a post. But regular readers do still stop by, so it gives us something to do.

      I’ve never heard of Netgalley, it sounds cool.

      If you like book lists, you might like Top Ten Tuesdays. It’s a weekly meme post run by The Broke and the Bookish. They post topics well in advance, but it’s always book-themed. They encourage other bloggers to write lists on the topics and give them space on their blog to drop links and find others who are participating.

      I’ve only done it once because I have too much to write to squeeze it in, and we’ve had other features on Tuesdays this summer. Part Time Monster does them every week, though.


  3. I quite like the If We Were Having Coffee features on blogs that aren’t usually personal blogs. Diana’s in particular are strangely soothing. I’m trying a version of it tomorrow, actually.

    Nerd in the Brain does Three Things Thursday where you share three things that are making you happy, and I’m thinking of doing that too, haven’t decided yet. I balk at weekly feature commitments even though it would probably be easier, not harder…


  4. Hey, apologizing for not being around for a while. Was behind the Great Firewall of China. Have a work around now! Please don’t think I was ignoring anyone! Tis the place of the new job!


    • Wow! Cool.

      We never assume someone’s ignoring us just because they aren’t around for awhile. I know tons of bloggers I only get around to visiting every couple of weeks, so no worries.

      Congrats on the new job!


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