TwitterBlog: How Many Followers Do You Need?

The short answer is: It depends on what you want to get out of your Twitter experience. I decided awhile ago to stop growing my Twitter following as rapidly as possible, for a few reasons which I will discuss below. I’ve been wondering if TwitterSuziethat was the right move for a couple of weeks. A conversation I had last weekend with Conrad of The Wine Wankers on one of my blogging threads convinces me that it is. I’ll  explain.

If you’re looking to see a significant number of referrals to your blog every day through your tweeted links, I think you need 20,000+ followers. I know how to organically grow a Twitter account from 0 to 20K. I’ll tell you, it’s not that hard, but it will require quite a bit of your time even if you’re efficient about it.

If you’re just looking to have fun, you need as many followers as it takes to find a few people to Tweet with. That could mean 100, if it’s the right 100 people.

Here’s why I’m no longer growing my Twitter account at a rate of 25-50 per day. I have around 2400 followers and that gives me tons of people to Tweet with. If I don’t look at my account for a whole day, when I come back to it, I usually have 50 or more notifications and three or four new followers.

That’s not a very high level of activity for a Twitter account, but I’m happy with it. I find it useful to have a following that size, especially since it includes a ton of bloggers. But I don’t want to grow my account to 20k any time soon because I’m Twitter-icon-the-birdnot sure how I’d manage it, even with Tweetdeck. And since I’m not trying to make it really big, I don’t see what an account with 5,000 followers will get me that my account with 2400 isn’t getting me already. So I am content for it to grow slowly.

This is not to say I’m about to stop giving followbacks, answering notifcations, looking at shoutouts and Follow Fridays, or following new bloggers when I run into them and have a good conversation. Just that I’m not following new accounts by the hundreds any more. I need to put the time and energy I’ve been spending on Twitter growth into other things for a while.

And here’s the great thing about it. I know how to grow a Twitter account. I can have another 1,000 followers anytime I want them. So, as long as I remain active enough to keep from losing large number of followers, and as long as I keep up with the people who actually tweet with me, I lose nothing at all by slowing it down for awhile.

4 thoughts on “TwitterBlog: How Many Followers Do You Need?

  1. I had around 200 followers on June 9th and I’ll cross 700 today, so I’m in that “intensive growth” phase myself right now. But that’s been at the expense of spending A LOT of time on Twitter, and my energy for that is gonna run out pretty soon. We’ll see how I feel when I hit a thousand, I think…

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    • I grew mine up to 2K just to break the cap on following and be sure I knew what I was doing. Now that I’m sure and I’ve built a nice little knowledge base to help my friends out, I don’t see the point in further rapid growth until we can get one of these blogs to really take off.

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      • Incidentally: hooked myself up with a StumbleUpon account. Every time I put a page on StumbleUpon it gets exactly two referrals immediately and then no more. This entertains me greatly. 🙂


        • hehe. Yes. The two are you. The first time Jeremy Stumbled a bunch of posts all at once, we though we were getting referrals until we figured that part out.

          I’ll follow you over there next time I sign into it.


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