Copyright, Auto-blogs, and an Outdated System

Diana and I rarely reblog one another, but I want this back out there one more time before the weekend. If you missed it, it’s about automated blogs that pull entire posts from the WordPress tags and use them to generate ad revenue. That is a lousy way to make money. We’re non-commercial, and we’re aware of just how tenuous any claim we have to copyright for our stuff is. But we believe in fair use. If there were any real promotional value for the blogs that are having their stuff ripped off like this, it might be different. But there’s not.

Part Time Monster

via Death to the Stock Photo via Death to the Stock Photo

Today, I find myself incredibly frustrated by the internet, our outdated copyright system, and the lack of help out there for independent bloggers. Yesterday’s coffee post ended up at, a site that appears to take bloggers’ content and publish it without their knowledge or permission, in its entirety, to drive traffic and advertising revenue. This site is very similar to, a site that posted my full Princess Bride post a few weeks ago.

The two share almost identical copyright pages. Their suggestions for avoiding copyright infringement are to stop WordPress promoting posts (which would limit exposure to potential new readers), to make posts private or password protected (which would add another step for readers, who already have so little time), and/or to publish only summaries rather than full text (which would again add another step for busy readers). The pages also suggest an…

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