Long Weekend Preview, with Edge

The Independence Day weekend is upon those of us who live in the U.S., folks. Where I live, that means beer and barbecue on Friday, beer and fried fish on Saturday, and sleeping in on Sunday. The weekend features that require writing will either be on hold or very short this weekend.  We’re mostly taking a break from blogging. Anything we write between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday gets held for later. Here’s a preview of the next few days, since our schedule is pretty consistent and we’re changing it. But first, Edge.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what we’ll have. But something from me, and another poetry feature at Just Gene’O, the blog formerly known as The Writing Catalog.

Sadly, no Tolkien post from me, but look for a roundup of Tolkien posts from (much) earlier in the year for Throwback Thursday at Part Time Monster.

On Friday I’ll have an Independence Day post here early, another one at Just Gene’O, and an afternoon open thread for those of you who happen to be around.

Weekend Music on Saturday here, and Silent Sunday the next day. Unless I happen to write a very short post about blogging before the self-imposed deadline, in which case I’ll make the photo a Silent Saturday and run the blogging post Sunday afternoon.

An (extremely) short coffee feature on Saturday and a Silent Sunday at Just Gene’O.

I’ll still be around, off-and-on, to check the threads and the tweets and such. Just not blogging very much. And I will put some of my time into reloading for the week after. Which means, hopefully, writing four posts and cropping/sizing a couple of dozen photos.

On Monday, we start the not-so-long run to the dog days.

Bloggers who I have guest blogging agreements with for later in the year: I haven’t forgotten about those posts. They are on my writing schedule, and I’ll be in touch with you about them soon.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Smileys for everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂


7 thoughts on “Long Weekend Preview, with Edge

  1. Edge much better and less pretentious than Bono. U2 was my favourite band until 1989. After that, I can take them or leave them. Possibly due to pretentiousness.


      • 1989 was Rattle and Hum. After that, they started to believe their own hype. Their performance at Live Aid in 1984 was brilliant. The UK show of course. They sung “Bad”, my favorite U2 song ever (followed by “Running to Stand Still”).


  2. Looooovvvveee this song, love Edge. I love his unusual guitar style. I was a huge U2 fan, but I agree, after Rattle and Hum it just wasn’t the same (I have the DVD of Rattle and Hum, I could watch it a thousand times) Although, have you heard “Love and Peace (Or else)” off of one of their more recent albums? I think you might like it, the lyrics are great!


    • I love it, too. Back in the day I used to rent the VHS on dollar movie night about once a month.

      I haven’t heard that song, but I’ll definitely go and look it up.


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