A Mississippi Love Story now available on demand

Last week I wrote about the premiere of  A Mississippi Love Story, a new short documentary about the lives of Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson Outlaw in Jackson, Mississippi, during the months surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court rulings in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases. It’s now available at Vimeo for on-demand rental and for sale. I received the notice on Friday, but saved it until this morning because I want as many people as possible to see this.

Mississippi-based film producer Robbie Fisher and Fisher Productions, LLC announced the release last week. The film introduces the viewer to Eddie and Justin, together living what might otherwise be considered an ordinary life during an extraordinary time in history. It provides a glimpse into the relationships the two have with one another, and with family, friends and their Deep South hometown. Against the backdrop of legal battles about same-sex marriage, Eddie and Justin share their personal take on what love really means.

“It was important to us, as Mississippians, to tell the story of this loving and devoted couple who are productive business people and well-liked members of the community, and who want their legal union to be recognized in their home state,” said Fisher.

The 13-minute film is available for a $1 rental fee or for purchase for $2.50. Cinematographer Lauren Cioffi spent months, beginning in March 2013, documenting the day-to-day lives of Eddie Outlaw and his partner Justin McPherson Outlaw. A second unit team captured footage in Washington, D.C. as the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on California’s Proposition 8 and on the Defense of Marriage Act.

Editor Azod Abedikichi employed an upbeat and whimsical style, which included animating original illustrations by Joy Abedikichi, to capture the essence and spirit of the subjects. Composer Chris Gibbons’ simple and beautiful Red Tango reflects the energetic and optimistic disposition of Eddie and Justin.

I have contact info if you’d like to get in touch; you can also tweet to @MSlovestoryfilm or @TheEddieOutlaw

Here’s the trailer in case you missed it last week.

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