8 Titles From a Used Book Sale

Not a regular feature, just something fun to do now and then. Anytime I pass a pile of used books for sale, I’ll make short list of a few of the titles I find and juxtapose them for your amusement. Here’s the first list.

The Theory and Practice of Reinforced Concrete

How to be a North American

Our Tempestuous Day

Fruit Palace

The Management of Quality Assurance

Notes & Counternotes

For Your Own Good

Analysis of Human Motion

10 thoughts on “8 Titles From a Used Book Sale

  1. How to be a North American could open up a whole tray of cans of worms! I’ve actually found a nice little used bookstore here in Dubai, so that is good. I haven’t traded anything in yet.


    • Wow, Dubai! How to Be a North American was actually a speech, published as a tiny book. Part of some sort of lecture series. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile – the Concrete book is what gave me the inspiration. A friend of mine pointed out the North American one today, and I decided it was time.

      I love used book stores. Wish there were more of them.


      • Sadly the used book stores and the little mum and pop ones are all being replaced by the bigger chain stores. Very sad really.

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