Weekend Open Thread v 0.2

Last week’s open thread resulted in so much happiness, it convinced me to give this another shot. I’m trying to figure out how to write the posts so that people who want to talk about anything (as long as it’s nice) can do that, but we also have something fun to use as a conversation starter. So, here’s a question for this weekend:

What is your earliest memory?

If three people share theirs, I’ll share mine.

As with last week, feel free to ask questions, tell me what you like or don’t like about our blogging, or chatter about whatever happens to be on your mind.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread v 0.2

  1. My first memory is really unpleasant and this isn’t the time or place for that one. So my second earliest memory is when, I must have been around 4, I dressed up as a cowboy of sorts: plasic boots, short pants, no top, a straw cowboy hat, and a plastic gun belt with two plastic six shooters. Our tiny apartment was on a busy part of main street. I sauntered out to the middle of the road and began “shooting” the cars on the road. The cars stopped and drivers honked their horns. Finally a man got out of his car and carried to the front door. He gave my mom holy hell. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. My hat and guns were red, and I had killin’ to do.

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  2. I remember being approached in preschool by some “talent scout” about acting and modeling. Annie hadn’t been out too long and I had red hair, but I was having no part of that. I was 4,because we hadn’t moved to the house we spent most of my childhood in yet

    (my mother knew and gave them permission to ask me, I think she was hoping I would be a little more cooperative)

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    • 🙂 I think my earliest one is about 4 as well, and I also moved to the house where I spent most of my childhood not long after.

      Thanks for sharing!


  3. My grandparents have a pretty big house down near Mobile, and there’s a weird little nook outside one corner, a brick patio with moss growing everywhere and paint peeling off, that’s surrounded by trees and bushes. There are metal chairs that have been there decades and have most of the paint worn off, and a little goldfish pond. For most of my childhood there was an enormous fat goldfish in it, but the water’s always been way too full of weeds and lilypads and gunk to see far, you just had to stare and hope you’d glimpse him. When I was little I was convinced no one knew about the patio but me. At any rate, I think my earliest memory is looking in the pond and and determining it was probably bottomless. I was about four?

    I had an extremely active imagination and was apparently unsupervised pretty often at the age of four…? 🙂

    In other news, my Constitutional Law class is over! Wooooo! Also the impulse entered my mind to rename the blog “Things Matter… and are Interesting” because then the initials would be TMI. But probably if I resist the urge until the finals insanity has worn off I’ll be okay. 🙂

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  4. My earliest memory involves the potty. I’m not sure how old I was. How old are you when you have your little plastic potty in your bedroom for emergencies? 3? In any case, I had noticed that adults liked to cover themselves with some kind of lotion and sit in the sun. I decided one morning, before my potty was emptied, to use its contents (just liquid!) as suntan lotion for one of my dolls. When my mom found my doll naked and covered with sticky yellow gunk, I got in deep trouble.

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  5. Ok. My earliest memory. I was about 4, maybe three. We lived in this little apartment with pocket doors and we had a double clothesline out back. Don’t think we even had a dryer at all in those days.

    My favorite toy was a an old cowbell, but I could only play with it outside. I have these vivid memories of running back and forth between the clotheslines while the bedsheets were hanging out to dry and blowing in the breeze with the sunlight was shining through them, ringing that bell.

    I think that’s the earliest one. I have several others from that period, but nearly all of them involve things that I’ve seen in old snapshots, so I can never be sure if they’re real memories.

    The only other one I can be sure of is when we were moving from that apartment, I was trying to help. I had a captain’s bunk with shelves under it, and I smashed my finger trying to take the shelf out. I was so small I cried over that.


  6. Has to be the Vietnam War. I was maybe 4 or 5 and it would be on the evening news every night. I didn’t realize it was in a foreign country. I thought it was happening somewhere in town. Every time I hear a helicopter I think of it.


  7. I was a toddler and I can barely remember the details but I was walking across what seemed like a pretty big wooden bridge and lost my doll in the field past the walkway. I don’t think that doll was ever recovered. 😦 I also have one in the same time frame of playing in sand and putting it in my training pants, LOL. 🙂


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