Open Thread v. 0.1

Trying this out because I just thought of it. Wish I’d done it much earlier in the day. Here’s a thread where you can do any of the following:

  • Ask me questions
  • Share things about yourself
  • Geek out on something you’re passionate about
  • Tell me something you like or dislike about the way we blog here
  • Anything else that works on a comments thread, as long as you play nice 🙂

I’m going to muck about with these until I figure out whether or not they’re worthwhile and what the best time to post them is. This post has the top of the page until Weekend Music runs tomorrow, and we”ll have a Silent Saturday as well.

30 thoughts on “Open Thread v. 0.1

  1. I have found on my blog that people are more likely to comment in response to something that resonates with them or to a clear stance on an issue. People like to voice their experiences (like I am right now) or give their opinion.

    What are your favorite video game storylines? I have to go with Final Fantasy II (as originally released in the US) for something old, Red Dead Redemption for something new, and Mass Effect for multigame storyline.

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  2. Ohh my. Confession time. I haven’t played enough games with storylines to really be a judge. I have spent a lot of time playing games in my life, but I tend to binge and replay. I’ll tell you 5 games that stand out for me, though.

    1. The Fallout Series from the original one through Fallout Tactics.
    2. Civilization. All of them. Probably my favorite game overall.
    3. Morrowind. I’m not an ES fanatic. Morrowind is the only one I’ve played. But I spent years with it. Heavily customized it with mods. Learned to use the cheat console to fire off specific animations so I could take perfectly-time screenshots and build storyboards with them. Stuff like that. I’ll cheat here and say this is my favorite storyline because you can make it anything you want. The actual linear main quest storyline is pretty cool, too.
    4. XCom – XCom was a fine game back in the day. Tactical missions to fight aliens without killing the civilians. Troop transports, multiple teams, bases all over the planet. It was fantastic. I miss it.
    5. Sid Meier’s Pirates. Which I must say, should have sucked, but it didn’t. And it came with a map of the Spanish Main.

    You’re right about what people respond to. This is the beta version of the open thread. It was posted at a terrible time and the prompts aren’t that great. If I get one more person talking on it over the weekend, I’ll consider that good enough to keep tweaking it.

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  3. Is this a good time and place to confess my love and near-obsession with the Professor Layton series of games on the DS? Because I feel I should tell somebody and I feel that on this blog I may be ridiculed less than some others! I really love the non-judgmental and inclusive attitude of the readers and comment-ers here.

    So then, Professor Layton – what’s not to love? Although a bit short on gore and violence, the comic-style peril is quite refreshing. And I just love puzzles. In the early games I was a little concerned as to why the good Professor would be traveling with a young boy all the time (Luke) as this would clearly affect his schooling dramatically. But I got over that quite quickly.

    Okay, I feel a little too embarrassed to elaborate further, but my confession is out there and my soul feels all the better for it. Thanks, chaps!

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    • People are talking about video games and I’m super jealous because I’ve always wished I liked video games. 😛

      This blog is pretty ridicule-free. I’m not familiar with Professor Layton so I could hardly ridicule you in any case, and while we’re on embarrassing game confessions, I love online restaurant-simulator games. I absolutely love them. *head in hands*

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    • I don’t know those games, but speaking of puzzles, I played a bit of Riven and Myst. Was never very good at them though.

      And thanks for the comment on the inclusivity. We work at that. We don’t really go in for ridiculing people (ideas, very occasionally, yes. but not people).

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  4. Here’s my confession. I don’t play games – at least not the electronic variety. But I am a mother of gamers, and friend of gamers, and co worker of gamers and the maker of games… I love the story and the excitement vicariously I guess! Fantasy and science fiction were the staple of my youth, I just missed the boat!
    But I am at home among the gamers, I’ll feed you and enjoy what you enjoy.

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    • Hey, thanks for commenting! And being at home with gamers without being one yourself reminds me of a funny story. I was once asked, in a job interview for a communications job with an IT outfit, “Do you speak nerd?”

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  5. I don’t play many video games anymore. They’re bad for tendinits. I also don’t have any gamer cred because I like casual games rather than the ones you’re all into when it comes to storylines. I stopped playing complex RPGS because I’ll obsess over collecting armor sets and tweaking builds and could actually care less about the storylines of the games. I turn off the cut scenes wherever I have the option. I’m like…a bling addict or something. I like Torchlight because it has enough of a storyline to be interesting and is basically still just a hack-n-slash game where I can abandon the quest and just collect shit like a magpie.

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    • I used to do that with Morrowind. It’s part of the reason I loved it. Bringing the loot home, putting the armor on the mannequins, etc.

      I don’t game any more because I just don’t have the time. I got off of them when my last real gaming computer died, but nowadays, there’s just too much to write. Always more to write than I can get to in a week.

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  6. Just to let you know, I think eight people commenting and some of them talking to one another is plenty of interest to justify doing this once a week for awhile. I’ll think about better ways to phrase the prompt.

    Perhaps ask a question that’s very simple to answer and say “but you can talk about anything else that strikes your fancy?”

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  7. Have you ever down exploding art? We just did that with the kids for Summer Reading and got one of the best turnouts yet, and it was so much fun! Messy, but fun! You take paint and water, put it in a tube like those mini m&m cans, add a half of alcaselzer tablet, shake it, set it down upside down, and stand back! It explodes sending paint splattering over the canvas. The results are beautiful. You have to try it!

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  9. When it comes to games I can’t think of any story better than Metal Gear Solid. It has brought me to tears on multiple occasions and because of its power over myself as well as its philosophy of politics, human nature and the human condition puts it on my list as my favourite game series. I can talk about this forever. Also, up there with MGS is the Halo series and the Mass Effect series.

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    • Indeed. And the response it got on a Friday night/saturday moring – not the best posting time – makes me think It’s a good follow-up to the “Follow Friday on the Blog,” because it’s quick to post and it’s interactive.

      Also, you have a ping from me on your “Meet the Monster” page. I’ve got another slow-developing, long-term idea in the works that won’t take up much time once I’ve set it up. The sort of thing I can work on 20 minutes at a time when I’m on the computer but don’t have time for anything else.

      Even if it takes three months to get going, I think it will be worthwhile.


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