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Things Matter is the blog of Hannah Givens. Hannah studies history and political science. She also writes fiction and is into Star Wars, Tolkien, and comics, among other things. She’s a regular contributor to our Feminist Friday discussion threads. That is a roundabout way of saying we have a lot in common.

Meet Hannah!

Meet Hannah!

I’m not sure when I discovered Things Matter, but I know exactly when I started paying attention. 🙂

I discovered Hannah’s post on “Batman, The Hobbit, and Modern Mythmaking” in December, probably while browsing the Tolkien tags. It’s still of the most memorable posts of the last seven months for me. The headline says it all. It’s a trifecta of nerdy goodness. And if that’s not enough, it includes this marvelous piece of deviant art:

The Dolittle/Deviant Art

The Dolittle/Deviant Art

Needless to say, I reblogged that post. I came back to the thread a few weeks later, the night before Jeremy debuted his Batman series, and dropped Hannah a heads up. At about the same time, Hannah published “Are Star Wars Characters Interesting?” That post started as an epic conversation on a Facebook thread during the Snowmageddon weekend, then moved to WordPress. I reblogged that one, too.

We’ve been chatting ever since, and we’re friends now. Rose and Natacha (who’ve both had Follow Fridays on the blog) both commented on those two threads, and Therefore I Geek (who shall have a Follow Friday in the near future) commented on the Star Wars post. I’m still talking to all of those bloggers. I’ve talked to them long enough now to consider them friends. And I have Hannah to thank for that.

So give Things Matter a look, and a follow. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

“70 Years of Bats” by The DoLittle/Deviant Art

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