Pages! Lots and Lots of Pages!

I’m using The Writing Catalog to collect series from all three of our blogs on pages so that we can share an entire series with a single link. I’ve built several in the last couple of weeks, and we’ve linked to some of them, but I haven’t announced them yet. So here’s the announcement. Eventually many of these pages will also include links to writing from blogging buddies as well as our own posts.

Better Blogging – My Sunday posts on Blog Traffic and Engagement with a few extras thrown in.

Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings – My Tolkien series at Part Time Monster, along with links to my bibliography and the rough outline I used to plan the series.

A Conversation About Gender Inequality – Our Feminist Friday discussion threads. We’re definitely having another one at Part Time Monster tomorrow, and eventually I’ll add a lot of related posts.

Book Lists – Just what it says on the tin. Lots of book lists, of all sorts. I’ll be adding three or four new links to this one over the weekend.

The Many Faces of Batman – Jeremy’s Batman series here, which marks its six-month anniversary of weekly posts next week.

More pages to come later in the summer. We do a lot of serial blogging.



3 thoughts on “Pages! Lots and Lots of Pages!

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  2. I had noticed the new pages the other day. Very nice 🙂 I want to do a page collecting our Geek 501 posts, and adding in some that would fit the bill. We already have pages for our LitFlix that collect info like that too.

    It’s a lot of work to keep them completely up to work, but touching them up at least once or twice a month can keep you with a page you’re very happy with 🙂


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