Jeremy’s Brewing Library

Good day, everyone! Today, I want to share an image of my homebrewing and craft beer library. I began homebrewing several years ago and have kept it up on and off ever since. Thanks to the actions of such people as Raise Your Pints here in Mississippi, this activity is no longer illegal for me to practice.


How to Brew by John J. Palmer

I’ve been told this is one of the best reference books a homebrewer can have, and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

Brewing Up a Business by Sam Calagione

The memoir of the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery is a nice success story to have to read for encouragement but offers little true brewing advice.

Beer School by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter

Another success story about a craft brewery and one I haven’t looked into much yet.

The Homebrewer’s Garden by Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher

This one is for the grand dream of having my own land and growing my own ingredients. It helps keep me motivated.

Beer by Eve Adamson

I picked this one up in a dollar store, believe it or not. It’s a useful and straightforward reference book but doesn’t offer much in terms of crafting advice or instruction.

“I Brew. . . Therefore I Am”

An unused bumper sticker that came with my now-expired membership in the Brewers Association. Whoops.

The True Brew Handbook by Seth Schneider

This one is more of an instructional pamphlet. It came with some equipment I purchased and has been quite useful and accessible.

What do you all think of my library? Do any of you also homebrew? If so, do you have any other suggestions for guidebooks or reference materials that might be useful for me? Let me know in the comments below. Tweet me @quaintjeremy and check out my blog.

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