Here’s something for you nite-owls.

@quaintjeremy has his own blog. He’s been working on getting it right for a week or so. We’ve been talking about how best to make the announcement. But tonight this happened.


That spike is all from StumbleUpon. This, on a two-week-old blog that was doing nothing but reblog and stumble some of them. Me and Jeremy have been scrambling around since we discovered that spike,trying to explain it and trying to feed it. Jeremy threw up a very nice post about some fantasy novels a few minutes ago, and it is a fine first post.

I have no idea how to explain that spike. seems like it stared about 12 hours ago, and picked up steam in the last six, but that is just a guess, and it makes no sense whatsoever. The timing is wrong. But you hard-core bloggers who are looking to build an audience should pay attention to Jeremy. He’s been rocking the StumbleUpon for awhile now.

We don’t know how it works yet, but we will.

And this is not the official announcement. This is the announcement for insomniacs and people who are paying close attention. Jeremy still has a kick-off post coming.


9 thoughts on “Here’s something for you nite-owls.

  1. I’m not sure how stumble works exactly. However, he’s got some hot topics on his blog. Would make stumbling him easier. If you do figure it out…definitely pass it on.

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  2. yes.

    Stumble upon is just a bookmark sharing site. We’ve been playing around with it since March. Asking bloggers outside our networks to watch their traffic and stumbling them to see if they get referrals, things like that.

    Jeremy’s doing something the rest of us are not, and we’re trying to figure out what’s different about his stumble behavior. We’re experimenting, but I promise, as soon as we figure it out, we’ll share it with every blogger we know, starting with the ones we know best 😉


    • That’s a good question. Also, 90% of those views are of a reblog of one of Jeremy’s posts here, and we didn’t get many referrals.


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