What do we do for Feminist Friday this week?

These days, the minute the Feminist Friday post hits and I see the discussion taking off, I start thinking about the next one. I floated this idea on Sunday:

I believe what I heard, if I understood correctly, is that talking about #yesallwomen for another week is a fine idea, but if we do, we need to talk about what the next step might be, or where to go from here. Which I take to mean how to take these stories and use them to change peoples’ behavior. Correct me if I’m wrong. These late Tuesday posts are about getting stuff straight and figuring out what I need to do next to keep our discussions going.


I don’t know that I have a lot of wisdom about what to do next. My advice from the very beginning has been to help keep #yesallwomen going for as long as possible, and Diana and I had a conversation on last week’s thread about the importance of documenting those tweets before they evaporate. I’m happy for someone else to post about it, but I’m also willing to try one myself and see what happens.

My other option is to try and push forward on education. The CompGeeks discussion and Brandie’s #yesallwomen post both gave me ideas about that, and I’m confident I can put something together. The blog is otherwise covered for the week.

I can go either way, and I’m open to suggestions. I’ll need to make the decision tomorrow evening at the latest.

One last thing. I’m discussing with Diana the possibility of moving my own Feminist Friday posts to Part Time Monster. That makes sense to me, for a lot of reasons. I’d like to know what the other folks who are supporting these discussions week in and week out would think about that move.


6 thoughts on “What do we do for Feminist Friday this week?

  1. If you’re going to be the one writing it, I say write the one you feel the strongest about. What I mean is, the subject that you’re drawn to the most. I know I suggested in response to your tweet that we should follow up on #YesAllWomen, but if you’re not feeling like you have a direction to take that or to lead it, then go with the ideas you have on the other issues. (I’m sorry this is all over the place and I hope it makes some sense. It’s late and I’m a little bleary and tired!) And I think moving it to Part Time Monster makes sense, but of course both your blog and Diana’s are on my must read list, so I’m happy either way!

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  2. Interesting idea, moving the conversation over – depends I guess on where it fits best, and where the readership is – or where you think you could get more.

    I think that #yesallwomen needs to be kept from fading away – from being nothing more than a flash in the social media world of today. And when I see headlines like “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars” on the cover of UTNE Reader, well, there’s still room for discussion then.

    Although another idea would be to just compile a whole bunch of different tweets from the hashtag, and present those! Although that’s actually probably harder than just writing a post…

    As for Education, you did mention that you think you know where to get started on Early Education, and I’m excited to find out what you’re thinking!

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    • I agree, it needs to be kept from fading away. That’s an interesting idea about compiling the tweets.

      Still thinking about the move to the Monster. Not sure whether I’ll do it this week or not.


  3. I’ve actually had several people ask me “WTF is this #Yesallwomen thing about?” so I think there’s still room for discussion there, but I agree with Gretchen…go with where you’re feeling like you have something to say.


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