Here’s a Site You Tolkien Fans Must See

I just discovered Middle Earth News because they linked to my most recent Tolkien post from Part Time Monster last night. Thanks to Middle Earth News reporter Lily for including me in the report. You can also find lots of other yummy Middle Earth-related things in the article. For example, these retro-themed travel prints by Teacup Pirhana on Etsy, which are available individually or as a set.


Middle Earth news has a ton of social media. You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus, among other places. Needless to say, I’m following them on every network where I have a presence. They also have a way for you to submit share-worthy Tolkien content for consideration. I’ll be submitting things from friends The Leather Library, A Tolkienist’s Perspective, and Sweating to Mordor to them from time to time, and I’m happy to find a way to interact with a larger community of Tolkien fans.

Now, a brief preview of the week ahead:

  • I have another Twitter post finished and loaded for next week. I’m not sure when it will run yet. That depends on what we have from contributors early in the week. It explains how I do Follow Fridays, and I want to get it out early enough to do you some good.
  • We’re shooting for early in the week for the the next Gollum post at Part Time Monster. That’s the next thing I’m writing.
  • It looks like Diana’s Penny Dreadful series is moving to Tuesdays because she’s having problems accessing the episodes online in time to get them in on Mondays.
  • I published my first “If We Were Having Coffee” feature this morning at the Writing Catalog. Not sure whether I’ll move it around or keep it there.
  • Since Wordless Wednesdays are such a hit, I’m going to start doing Silent Saturdays here for an afternoon post; I bumped it this week to post this instead, so I’ll have a Silent Sunday here tomorrow.
  • I’m also introducting a new poetry feature early next week at The Writing Catalog; probably on Tuesdays. If it’s sucessful, it will turn into a regular feature.
  • We’ll also have more book lists over the next few weeks for those of you who enjoyed the Summer Reading Recommendations, Summer Marvel Recommendations, and the 10 Memorable Fantasy Novels.
  • As always, the occasional music video blogging will continue.
  • I’ll post options for the next Feminist Friday discussion in an afternoon post on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the schedule.

Thanks for reading, and have a marvelous weekend!

5 thoughts on “Here’s a Site You Tolkien Fans Must See

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