#YesAllWomen and Feminist Friday: Conversations Matter

I like the way this discussion is turning out, and I think it was a great idea. Thanks to everyone who’s shared it on other social media, and to everyone who’s joined in with comments. The thread’s still open, and if I see more comments this evening, I’ll read and respond to them. Have a great weekend!

Part Time Monster

I believe in the power of words. I believe, especially, in the power of the written word. Writing means not just that we were here, but that we endure. Reading means that we can access and interpret our past. Thus historically, reading and writing have been cultural points of contention; they’ve marked racial, economic, and class boundaries. They’ve also marked gender and sexual boundaries.

(Think of the historical moments when  education was deliberately withheld from lower classes, women, and/or slaves. Think of what we define as “chick lit” or what we see as “boys'” or “girls'” books. Think of the still-common under-representation of women and minorities in the publishing industry.)

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