Death of Feminism and Lewis’s Law

It’s late, I know, but this is really a good post to round out the day. Holly wrote it more than a year ago, before this blog even existed. I never would have discovered it if David hadn’t shared it on this week’s discussion thread. It talks about the same issues I was grappling with in that first post, all those weeks ago, when I invited people to talk about the political usefulness of feminism as a label.

Comparative Geeks

So this is kind of a supplemental post to my Damsels in Distress post because for some reason after watching the video from Feminist Frequency and watching some of the responses YouTube decided to recommend some other videos for me. The subject of these videos all touched on the point of feminism being irrelevant, feminism being too extreme now, and why someone chose to not identify as a feminist anymore.

During this same time I also read this amazing post by Laura Hudson on her Tumblr discussing why she feels that it is important to still identify as being a feminist. The interesting thing about her article is the fact that her response partly stems from an article on Salon discussing famous women who do not call themselves a feminist. So after hearing from the various sides I wanted to just put my two cents in.

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