Feminist Friday Discussion Topic: #YesAllWomen

This week’s Feminist Friday discussion will be hosted at Part Time Monster. The topic will be #YesAllWomen and the post will be written by the Monster-In-Chief herself.

I’ve wanted to have one of these at PTM since we started. I’m glad it’s happening for the first time this week. PTM will have a post from a contributor on this topic tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and check it out. If you’re looking for a #YesAllWomen post right this minute, try this one by Gretchen of Drifting Though.

I’m making a minor change to the way I do things this week. Rather than reblog the post early, I’ll run my Follow Friday post first and reblog it after it’s been up for a few hours. Two reasons for this. First, I’m so closely-affiliated with PTM, it doesn’t make sense to reblog this post as soon as it  publishes, because that will put the reblog in the news feeds at the same time as the post. Second, if we have  good discussion going by the time I reblog it, I can talk about the discussion in the comment.

Here’s what we have for the rest of the week:

  • A post from David of Comparative Geeks here tomorrow with summer reading recommendations for Marvel Comics fans.
  • A Tolkien post from me at PTM by week’s end, probably tomorrow afternoon. It’s done except for the art and the editing.
  • At least one real post from me at The Writing Catalog.
  • Probably at least one random music video and one random photo just to round things out (you know me).
  • At some point in the near future, I’m adding a few people to the blogroll and doing a “New to the Blogroll” post. That may have to wait for the weekend, but it’s coming soon.

Happy Wednesday, and have a fabulous rest-of-the-week!

6 thoughts on “Feminist Friday Discussion Topic: #YesAllWomen

    • So am I. I’m promoting the hell out of it. The Monster is really where these discussions belong when they aren’t being hosted by other bloggers, but most weeks, I’m the one who has time to write the post and do the moderation.


  1. I know all of the FF discussions have been thought provoking. But I am especially looking forward to this one, in part because of the current situation but also because Diana is the host. I do not always comment, but I always read FF. Thank you.

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  2. I am REALLY looking forward to this one. I will be in and out of touch all day due to events at the kids’ schools but I will be anxious to weigh in. Can’t wait to read what Diana’s cooking up!


    • I can’t wait, either. FWIW, Brandie’s #yesallwomen post got a lots of looks today at the Monster, and Diana just had our best day ever for Twitter referrals. She’s tripled or quadurpled our next-best Twitter day already.

      That tells me people are obviously interested. Maybe they’ll chat with us.


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