The Beauty of A Woman

Breasts large or small, all the same,
Yet the delicacy of her frame,
And if her teeth are crooked or nose too long,
With that I see nothing wrong.
Crow’s feet or wrinkles in her skin,
Might make her all the more interesting.
But if in her eyes I can attain,
3 parts wisdom, 1 part pain,
And perhaps a glimmering of light,
A touch of a mischievous sprite,
And a warmth that says she’s true and human,
Here lies the beauty of a woman.

(ed. – You can read more of Marissa’s work at Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth.)

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About Marissa Bergen

This blog is a semi auto-biographical view of my life, beginning as a rocker chick from Brooklyn, moving on to playing in a punk band on New York's Lower East Side, to my current lot in life as a working mother of two, now living in Los Angeles. I love writing because you can be whoever you want to be when you write. Therefore, I would never want to pigeon-hole myself too much in my blog. However, I don't think I will ever deviate too much from what is innately in my blood, that being humor and sarcasm. Recently I have been turning more and more to poetry. I like poetry because it let's you say so much more with so much less, so much more about so little, and it also distances you from the subject matter, making you much less likely to offend someone, which I would probably otherwise do on a daily basis.

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of A Woman

  1. Reblogged this on Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth and commented:
    You know why I love the Sourcerer blog? Because it’s all about
    networking and creating a community of bloggers. You know why else I love the Sourcerer blog? Because they published one of my poems yesterday!!

    When I heard the Sourcerer blog was doing something called Feminist Fridays and were looking for author contributions, I was so eager to participate, I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that it was more about starting a discussion forum than featuring creative works. Never the less, those nice folks agreed to publish my poem. I am reblogging it today. I know it’s a little late for Feminist Friday, so let’s just say it’s Suffragette Saturday. Hope you enjoy!

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