Follow Friday on the Blog: Natacha Guyot

If you haven’t encountered Sci-Fi, Transmedia, and Fandom yet, you should. Natacha Guyot runs that blog, and she’s a fabulouls blogger. Natacha does things her own way, Natachaand she does them with style. She writes roundups, movie reviews, collaborates on projects with other bloggers, and produces consistently thought-provoking articles. She’s also a scholar and vidder. You can find a list of her publications here and a reflection on 8 years of vidding she wrote back in 2013 here. In addition to the topics listed in the title, Natacha also studies fantasy, video games, literature, roleplaying, gender studies, comics, and Bollywood.

Here’s one of Natacha’s videos that I especially enjoy. It uses Babylon 5 scenes and “Lost Without You,” by Darren Hayes and Delta Goodrem to explore family as a theme.

You can find more of Natacha’s videos at her YouTube channel.


Here’s her latest, “May the Force Redeem Us.”

Here’s a post Natacha wrote in April in which she discusses her writing process and why she writes about the topics she does.

I don’t recall how I first met Natacha. Social media does strange things to time and memory. Perhaps it was through an epic conversation back during the winter on women in Star Wars that I recall. That conversation went on for a couple of days on Facebook and migrated onto two or three blogs, if I remember correctly. I met a lot of people by joining in. In any case, I’m glad we met and started talking. Natacha’s an active participant in our Feminist Friday discussions, and has hosted it at her own blog recently. We also tweet together quite often. You can follow her on Twitter @natachaguyot.

If you’re in search of sensitive, well-written articles on a diverse array of topics, give Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom a look. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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