Weekend Music, with Thank Yous

This seems the perfect mischief for a Saturday morning. If you’ve never heard it, it’s not one you want to pass up. If you do, you’ll miss the “Holy Ghost, Big Bang Theory, Pentacostal, Fire and Brimstone Mission Temple Fireworks Stand.”

Holley of Destino nominated me for a Community of Bloggers award recently. If you don’t know Holley, I’m one of her tweeps. You can find her @evadiva0516. We get up to some stuff on Twitter sometimes. Like tweeting about famous comics artists until they tweet back. Holley has a paper, Intense Moon, and you know it must be good, because it features Sourcerer often. Thanks for the nomination, Holley. I love awards.

Thanks, @CompGeeksDavid, @parttimemonster, @quaintjeremy, and @Hohmeisw, for your contributions. You turned what I thought was going to be a lackuster week into a sparkly one. I almost saved Will’s post for Monday, but we had such a good week, the old Leo Durocher philosophy kicked in:

You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain.

And I was right. We had a stellar week, all the way around. I’m looking for this next week to be a big one, too. I have lots of time to spend with the blog, two posts practically written, two or three more written except for typing them out, and all weekend, once I get The Writing Catalog back up and running, to reload.

Thanks to all our Feminist Friday supporters who showed up and voted in favor of continuing those discussions by commenting on the thread. When I’m trying to gauge whether or not to put my energy into continuing a discussion, comments are the only votes that count, and I saw enough support yesterday to keep going with them. So I will.

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog over the last week. Thanks for reading, first of all, and if you liked or commented, a double thanks.

All is well, and I have big plans for the next week. We’ll see if I can execute them. 😉

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