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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

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  2. Wow! That is an incredibly powerful image, Gene. The way you have taken it suggests imminent destruction and pain. The gold colour of the claw/talons, in comparison to the dullness of grey stone, also conjures up a sense of the creature’s superiority over its ‘prey’ – an arrogance almost. Great stuff. Ali xx

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    • It’s a beautiful work of art. That photo is a tiny piece of a 14-foot-tall statue of a golden eagle on top of an an eight-foot-high pedestal. Those talons are larger than my head.

      I have a dozen shots of that statue from all different perspectives. It’s a commissioned work donated to a university, and I’m studying the on-campus photo policies to see how many of them I can post.

      I am most proud of the reflected light, and the texture in this shot. The texture is very good.


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