Congratulations Are In Order

Infinite Free Time has released a collection of science fiction, The Benvolence Archives, Vol. 1, as an ebook. You can get the download from Amazon and read more about Infinite Free Time, aka Luther Siler, here. The Benevolence Archives is definitely on my summer reading list.

A Tolkienist’s Perspective has launched a YouTube Channel!! Yay for bloggers branching out into other media, I say. Here is the first video:

James is fabulous blogger, and you can follow him on Twitter @TolkienistView.  James achieved a mighty milestone recently, and even wrote a sonnet about it:


A few of us have reached this milestone in blog followers recently.  Old School Harley passed it a while ago. I tweeted him congrats and that he’d beat me to it by a few days. Then we tweeted about how blog followings are not a contest and there are plenty of followers to go around. Sadly, I cannot find the actual Tweets, but Sourcerer has reached 500 since then.

And there is at least one other blogger in my following who’s reached 500 recently. I spied the tweet/post in the past couple of days, but I cannot remember who it was. If you happen to see this, and remind me, I will add you to the post.

Look for my next “Twitter for Bloggers” post tomorrow, and have an awesome week!



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