Weekend Music, with Hunger Games video

No live performance is available, but this is too good not to share, and the video is nicely edited. Lorde covers “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” a Tears for Fears song from the 80s.

I really must watch The Hunger Games movies, and the books are on my summer reading list. I’m tired of not knowing what it’s about first-hand, and wondering if it might be good to write about.

Everyday blogging is a crazy thing. When I have posts scheduled for three or four days, it makes the rest of my social media activities feel like ballet. When I’m so low on content I wake up in the morning wondering what I’m posting the next day — or god forbid, without a post for that day ready to go — it’s like bailing water. In either case, though, blogging does me good. And when I lose a day because of work and family responsibilities, I don’t worry about it. I don’t lose very many days.

I’m planning to do a link roundup of our Feminist Friday posts since Mid-March this weekend. I’d like to give people who are just joining us a chance to catch up and invite comments on where to go from here. I’m planning to tackle education next, but before I do that, I have to get some blog and networking stuff squared away.

At some point over the last month, our little band of contributors and followers turned into a network. I’m not sure how or why it happened when it did, but we’re six months ahead of schedule. I expected it to take a year for a network to emerge, but the signs are unmistakable. We’re there. The trick now is to reorganize my activities to maximize my ability to respond to people when they contact me, because a bigger network isn’t going to do us any good unless we can reciprocate engagement. That’s just the way social media works.

I have almost 1400 followers on Twitter and a little more than 500 blog followers. Figuring out how to keep up with 400 of those tweeps and 150 bloggers on WordPress is more important than gaining new followers at this point. Diana and I talk a lot about network depth, because it’s the most important part of all this. The depth of your network is all about how many of your followers you have real, human interaction with on a regular basis.

Deep networks are the most valuable kind, and to me, the most satisfying. I’d rather have 1000 followers who talk to me than 10,000 who read every word I write and never say a thing. Deep networks are also very hard to build, but we look at the difficulty as a challenge.

Look for more “Twitter for Bloggers” posts from me next week, a timeline for the return of my Tolkien series to Part Time Monster the week after, and possibly a major announcement at some point in between.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Music, with Hunger Games video

    • Lol, yes. Katniss.

      It’s just grown to the point that it’s a matter of cultural literacy for me. Not having read the texts is kind of like never having read 1984 or A Tale of 2 Cities.


  1. I want Mama to read Hunger Games also. I was glad I didn’t read them as they came out because I devoured one right after the other. I’ve been wanting to reread them so I have been looking for a set at the used book store I use. As soon as I get the set you are welcome to borrowing them.

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  2. I loved The Hunger Games, read all three in a week. Saw both movies too and can’t wait for the third one. I don’t think Divergent is as good but I’ve only read the first book so shouldn’t judge too quickly I suppose.


    • I’ve yet to read them, but I really must. Thanks for stopping by! Saw your tweet while ago, but didn’t have time to answer it. Trying to squeeze the last little bit of good out of this dwindling day 😉


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