The Day That Got Away

Allman Brothers:

I took the day today, expecting to get blogging done through next Wednesday, catch up on my comment threads, visit a few friends’  blogs, and tweet a bit. Sadly, life happened. It was nothing bad or dramatic, fortunately. A lot of small, unforseen things conspired to force me to run the roads all day, and I’m just pausing long enough to update the blog before I get back to it.

No worries, though. Academic summer is upon us, and that means more time to blog for me. I’ll catch up soon and get back to being marvelous.

We actually have a Batman post for this week. I’m thinking I’ll run it tomorrow if I can find time to load it, and I’m considering posting a discussion thread over the weekend to regroup and figure out how to get our Feminist Fridays rolling again.


2 thoughts on “The Day That Got Away

    • I’ll do a roundup sometime. I did discussion threads four weeks in a row, then we did them at a couple of friends’ blogs the next two weeks from Mid-March through April. People actually showed up for them, so we kept doing it for as long as we could. Diana and I talk to a good dozen or more bloggers about feminism here and there.

      The combination of the end of the A to Z Challenge and the end of the spring semester ran me out of gas, but I plan to get it rolling again before the end of the month.


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