Twitter for Bloggers II: What’s it all About?

Twitter-icon-the-birdLet’s start from the beginning. You have a Twitter account. It’s connected to your blog.

You’re publicizing links, you’ve followed several hundred people, and you’re tweeting when the notion takes you. You aren’t getting the number of follows you’d like.

What’s the problem?

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I tweeting with other people? (That means tagging them in tweets, responding if they answer, retweeting and favoriting tweets you like.)

Am I using good hashtags – hashtags that people who share my interests are looking at? For me, this means #writers, #writing, #blogs, #wordpress, #artists, #photography, and related hashtags like #AmWriting, #WordlessWednesday and occasionally, #wine.

Am I tweeting regularly? This doesn’t necessarily mean every day. It does mean a few tweets of your own once a week at the very least, with retweets, responses, and favorites thrown in while you’re tweeting.

Am I looking at my notifications and following folks back when they follow me? People who are trying to grow their accounts will unfollow inactive accounts, and unfollow if they don’t get a followback within a week to 10 days, for reasons I’ll explain later in the series.

Those are the basics. If you want a larger Twitter following, and you can’t answer “yes” to all those questions, read “How to Twitter” by @mollygreene. It’s good for everyone who wants to improve their Twitter skills. If you answered “no” to any of those questions, it is critical. Because you need the information in that article to understand the rest of this series. I would have started this series with a similar post, had I not discovered Molly’s when I did.

image: I am pretty sure that little bird is property of @Twitter, but I snagged it from

9 thoughts on “Twitter for Bloggers II: What’s it all About?

    • good 🙂 I’m glad it’s helpful. I’ll have one more this afternoon, then 2-3 more posts in the next week or so. Not sure how long the series will actually go. It started out as a three-parter, but I keep having to break it up to keep it from being too long for people to process at one time.


  1. Thank you! I’m really at sea with Twitter and need to get a handle on it quickly as part of the marketing strategy for the sculpture exhibition I’m involved in. Your post has helped heaps 🙂

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  2. Hey very helpful article….. Thank you for the useful inputs.I have just stopped seeing the no on twitter and yet with a mere 107 followers I’m contented.


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