Weekend Music, Thank Yous, and Plans for May

This is Ben Nichols of Lucero. I couldn’t find a suitable live performance, but the video is nice. I think I discovered this song from The Walking Dead.

A sincere thanks to everyone who helped keep our Feminist Friday discussions going for six consecutive weeks. I’m not going to ping everyone, but if I did, I think it would be well over a dozen. I’d intended to do a “Collected Works” roundup this week and include not only the weekly discussion posts, but a lot of other posts as well. I changed my plan at the last minute because I read that Nigeria story last night and just needed to post about it today. I’ll either do the collected works as a “regrouping” post early next week, or use it next Friday.

Wish Part Time Monster a happy six-month blogging anniversary, and check out her post for today if you’re looking for a few top-notch bloggers to read and interact with. Wednesday is the six-month blogiversary of Sourcerer and The Writing Catalog, and I’ll have posts commemorating the occasion.

We’ll have updates this weekend, but they will be photos and reblogs. The A to Z Challenge was fantastic, and I’d do it again in a second, but it wiped me out. I need a couple of days to take care of some administrative chores, and we’re running low on content, so most of my blogging time this weekend has to go into admin and writing for next week.

A special thanks to @quaintjeremy and @hohmeisw for providing enough posts to keep Sourcerer going during the week for the last month while I wrote for The Writing Catalog and promoted our Friday discussions. I have a tentative preview for May after the jump.

Here’s what’s on my editorial agenda for May. Some of it may end up getting done in June, depending on whether or not other things come up that require immediate posts.

  1. Continuing our Feminist Friday discussions.
  2. Giving The “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling” campaign its own post and getting back to periodic updates on The Campaign for Southern Equality.
  3. Continuing my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster. I’m aiming for sometime during the third week of May for the next installment, but we’ll just see. Once other things are in hand, I’ll go back to doing roundups, Tumblr expeditions, and occasional surprise posts at the Monster as well.
  4. Writing some fun stuff for Sourcerer, like a post I’ve been wanting to write for ages about how I taught myself to have lucid dreams (three in the last two weeks, btw. I don’t usually have them that often).

Those are my top priorities for personal blog posts for the next month. I’m also hoping to build my first trebuchet over the summer if I can squeeze out the money for the materials. If I’m able to do it, I’ll do some writing about that.

I’d also like to recruit more contributors or guest bloggers before fall, I have a ton of blogging awards to give out, and I have several ideas for pages I’d like to build before the end of June.

I have a three-page long rough draft of a post about how I learned to grow my @Sourcererblog Twitter account. I’d intended it to run tomorrow as a Social Saturday post. I just scanned it today and decided it’ll be better, and more useful, if I reorganize it a little and run it in installments.

So you have a mini-series on how I gained 1200 twitter followers in three and a half months to look forward to. That growth rate is not phenomenal by any means. In roughly the same period of time, my friend Conrad has gained about 7,000 new followers for @Winewankers. But I don’t see twitter growth as a contest; I see it as a collaborative enterprise, and I’m thankful to have friends like Conrad to help me figure it out. I’ve grown that account steadily and consistently enough now to feel confident about what I’m doing.

I’m trying to grow it at a manageable rate so I can organize my account to tweet with a large percentage of my followers. I am explaining what works for me and what doesn’t along the way because it took a lot of time, research, and trial-and-error to figure Twitter out. I’d like to spare any of my friends and readers who want to grow their accounts a lot of that time and  frustration.

Have an awesome weekend.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Music, Thank Yous, and Plans for May

  1. Good luck with al your plans! I’m very much looking forward the upcoming pages and posts. The mini blog series about the Twitter matter is of particular interest to me. And that’s wonderful about how well the Feminist Friday discussions are going! I didn’t do more than spreading the word about the recent one as while I have been following it, I felt unsure about having much to contribute besides what was posted.

    And this is great that you’ll soon reach a 6 month milestone for the blog(s)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knew the one today probably wasn’t going to generate the same type of discussion we’ve been seeing, and I know why it didn’t, so I’m not concerned. I’ve had a couple of weeks where I didn’t add much to the discussions for that very reason. I just felt like I needed to publish that post this morning, so I did.

      Not sure how I’ll handle publishing the miniseries just yet. It’s all one piece, but it’s just too long to go all at once, and it breaks down easily into three points on an outline. But I don’t want to drag it out too much. I’ll probably do them as consecutive posts over a 2 or 3 day period.


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