A Thank You, Feminist Friday Plan, and two more things you want to read. With music.

Happy International Workers’ Day, and long may we endure. All of us.

Old School Harlequin nominated me for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award more than a week ago, and I have yet to say thanks. I’ve been busy. So, I’m saying thanks now, and congrats, OSHarley, on getting Liebstered again. Best of luck with your Facebook page, which will soon be added to the feed I use to track blogs with fan pages. I will never not say thank you for an award.

We’ll take a break from the Feminist Friday discussions eventually. It’s inevitable. Can’t keep it up 52 weeks out of the year. But I am not ready to take the break this week, I am also not ready to talk about education. So, I think what I will do is post links to our previous discussions tomorrow, and invite people to talk about the previous discussions.

Here’s something interesting, and encouraging. These little stickers have been popping up in store windows all over Mississippi this month. I’ve been wanting to post the image here for a while, and have been following their progress.


They have a website and a fan page. You can follow them on Twitter @IfUrBuyingMS. Here’s a story that explains the politics of it. It’s replacing a story about the origin of the campaingn which I read earlier tonight  via @AliciaHRichards, who is a true friend, and flagged it for me on Facebook. Sadly, it seems that the origin story is no longer available. @EddieOutlaw has been unflagging in his support for this campaign, and I’ve done my best to retweet and chime in at appropriate times this month.

Steven of the Leather Library has a post on his surveillance page about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which I know very little about. As I understand it, it’s a trade agreement that will make the internet much less open and much more expensive by turning your internet provider into content police. Give it a look. There’s a petition you can sign, and if you do sign it, you’ll be helping a campaign that wants to project anti-censorship messages onto public buildings in Washington, D.C. How cool is that? I just signed it.


I know that was a lot to cover, but, you know. Gotta get caught up at some point. We’re almost caught up now.



5 thoughts on “A Thank You, Feminist Friday Plan, and two more things you want to read. With music.

  1. You are most welcome my friend! You deserve the award and more! 🙂

    Thank you for posting links for me, that’s very kind of you.

    The Oldschool Harlequin


  2. Thanks for the mention, 🙂 I just wish everyone who reads your blogs as well as PTM’s could know how much work and dedication you put into making people aware of important things like IYBWS along with all of the other things you do; including a wonderful Family Life with a beautiful family; professional dedication and making time for friends. They think you’re human and actually sleep, LOL. Thanks and congratz on the awards and the anniversaries!


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