Twitter Madness

I’ve been talking about Twitter lists since mid-February at least. And I wish I’d set them up then, but I did not. Other things to do. I set up 20 lists a couple of weeks ago, culled them down to 15 or 16, and thought really hard about what I want to do with them. Today is the day I started actually building the Twitter lists.


I made them all private before I started adding people to them. I did that because it’s weird to be the first person added to a public list, or to be on a list with fewer than 10 people. I’m going through my entire Twitter following right now. Looking at every account, and categorizing. As lists grow beyond 25, I’ll make them public again and you can all follow one another 😉

This will take days. I have a good app that displays 100 accounts at a time and makes it easy to add them to lists, but even so, it’s time-consuming. 1240 followers at 100 per page is 13 pages. I just spent three hours going through two pages.

But hey. Once it’s done, it’s done. And if I am lucky enough to keep attracting followers once I decide to start growing my account again, I’ll add most of my followers to lists as soon as I follow them back.

Once they are totally finished, I’ll explain my Twitter lists in a post so you can attempt the same trick. I believe in sharing.


8 thoughts on “Twitter Madness

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