Ring Them Bells

This morning, I included a video of Sarah Jarosz with Jerry Douglas in my post about tomorrow’s #FeministFriday post at Drifting Through. This version is different, and it’s the perfect way to end the day. I encourage you to visit @gkelly73‘s blog tomorrow. Thoughts on the music below.

Sarah has an awesome voice, and it’s perfectly suited to this old Dylan song. She also seems to know her guitars. That guitar she’s playing is called an arch-top. It has a very distinctive sound because it has violin holes instead of the normal round hole in the middle.

I’ve viewed as many versions of this as I could spare time for. She plays other guitars with other songs, but I haven’t seen her play “Ring them Bells” with any guitar but this one. Which strikes me as an informed decision.

She’s no lightweight with the fingering techniques, either — she’s really playing that guitar. I like this performance better than the one I posted this morning. As good as the fiddle and dobro and Jerry Douglas are, this performance is a better interpretation. It’s also more emotional, and that’s the most important thing with a song like this.

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