A Splash of Color, and a question about Feminist Friday

It’s a gray, dreary day here, and those are always the best days for posting bright, sunny photos. This little wildflower was about the size of my thumbnail.


Question: What do we want to do about the Feminist Friday discussion this week? The final push for the A to Z Challenge at The Writing Catalog and editorial stuff here are taking all my time. I was mostly offline this weekend, so I’m a bit behind compared to where I usually am on Tuesdays.

It’s entirely possible that I will still be playing catch-up on Thursday. I’m not confident in my ability to write a discussion-worthy feminism post by Friday morning. Natacha had an awesome discussion post last week, and it went very well.

If any of you regular participants plan to write one for this week, let me know. Once I’m sure it’s running, and if I have enough notice, I’ll be happy to do all the things I normally do to encourage a good discussion.

Have a fabulous week!

11 thoughts on “A Splash of Color, and a question about Feminist Friday

  1. Good luck with all you’re working on! Thanks for your kind words about last week’s discussion. I was happy with how so many people chimed in! In case nobody has time/topic for a specific discussion this week, why not make a recap post of the 4 previous ones? It might look like a little bit of a “filler” but maybe this would be the opportunity for everyone to go back through what we talked about and springing new ideas. Of course, i hope that someone will be able to host an actual new discussion, but just in case, it might be a good second choice.

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    • That’s a great idea. I intend to put all those links on a page at some point, and having them in a post would certainly help. I’ll do a recap at some point, whether I do it on Friday or not.

      The amount of conversation we’ve managed to have, and the length if time it’s gone on, is truly amazing to me.


    • Thanks, and I couldn’t agree more!

      I was surprised at how much green the petals picked up. The flower was bright yellow, and I took it from directly above against a grassy background. I love extreme closeups of flowers. Every one is unique.


  2. I am happy to host the discussion this week. I was going to tweet you guys later to see if you had any suggestions or ideas on topic or if you just want me to come up with something… I was going to spend some time reading over all the comments from the last few weeks and see if there was something on there that I could build on. But I’m also open to ideas! I’d definitely like to keep the Feminist Friday discussions going!

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      • I will let you know. I’m thinking about either female body image or everyday misogyny. I’ll try to get it done tonight (kids willing and all that) so I can give you a heads up. If anyone comes up with anything they think should be discussed, please let me know. I have no problem changing course! Thanks as always for taking the lead on this and keeping it going!


    • That would be cool.

      Getting the A to Z survivor badge honestly, ending up with a page that has at least five posts for every day in April, and keeping Sourcerer posting are really the only things I have time for right now, and the potential payoff in confidence alone is worth the effort, but it is a lot of work.

      No worries until May. It’s not that far away, and I should have lots of personal time to spend regrouping mid-May. Academic calendar and all.

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  3. Beautiful image, Gene. I know the pressures which can mount, inexorably and then disastrously, upon us on here – so, take all the time you need and do what is necessary for your own spirit and family. I think it is lovely that other people host these discussions: the different viewpoints work extremely well. I did read last week’s post, and enjoyed it, but wasn’t able to say much of import because I almost never watch television/films! But, I did think about the whole thing a lot – and I love the fact that these important issues are being aired on here. Ali x

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    • I didn’t say much last week either, and for the same reason. I like the fact that there’s a different mix of people commenting every week, but people just keep showing up. I read all the threads, and if nothing else, leave a comment that says, “hey, I read this, and thanks for telling me stuff I didn’t know.” I’m learning lots from this, and trying to keep it alive.

      The other people hosting it was an idea I had early on – I would have been happy for someone else to host it the second week if anyone had offered. I thought it seemed like a good idea.

      I’m really fine 🙂 I have a good day job that I love and a wonderful family. I do feel a little pressure now and then, but I step away when I need to.

      Glad you like the image. I wish I could really communicate just how tiny that flower was, and it was surrounded by hundreds of others that looked just like it. No idea why I picked that particular one.

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