Top 10 Marvel Characters, part 2

by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! Today, I want to finish laying out my top ten favorite Marvel Comics characters. Here are numbers 6-10.

6. Wolverine – He’s the best there is at what he does and the man who just won’t die. For the longest time, he was as WolverineThumbmysterious as the Joker, and a lot of fans were upset when writers gave him a concrete origin. I’ve found that knowing Logan’s true background, and that his real name is James Howlett, in no way diminish how I enjoy the character.

He’s powerful in ways other superheroes are not, and he never backs down from a fight. There’s more to him than the violence, too; he can also be a tender caretaker to fellow outcasts. If I had to offer up a couple of recent stories/series that really show off the strengths of the character, I would recommend Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan and Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force.

7. Cable – He’s one of those corny 90s characters that has gotten better with age. He’s a damaged soldier from the future who comes back in time to try to prevent the hellish events that eventually destroy his world. Sadly, very few people listen to him after he helps the X-Men defeat Apocalypse. As the (possible) future son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers (Cyclops), Cable (or Nathan Grey) has some of the greatest power potential of any mutant in the Marvel Universe. It is appropriate that people began to see him as a sort of Christ-figure in Cable & Deadpool from last decade, one of several series I talk about in some detail in my Top Marvel Stories Since 2000 post.

8. Rogue – I’m beginning to see that this half of the list is a bit mutant-heavy, which is interesting given the fact that I’m RogueThumbnot a huge fan of the state of the X-books at Marvel currently. Anyway, Rogue is one of my favorite characters in Marvel for several reasons—she’s my favorite of Wolverine’s “little sister” characters, she’s one of the few unashamed Southern superheroes, I grew up watching her on the old X-Men cartoon, and I’ve been into comics long enough to have watched her grow a great deal as a character. To get a better view of her in recent years, I recommend Mike Carey’s run on X-Men: Legacy and Rick Remender’s current run on Uncanny Avengers.

9. Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth, Spider-Man 2099, Morph and other Exiles characters – This one is a bit of a cheat, pulling in an entire group of characters. Exiles was a work of genius: plumb Marvel’s endless multiverse for alternate timeline versions of known characters (and many unknown characters), build a team out of them, and send them on missions to repair damaged timelines with the promise they can one day go home, Quantum Leap-style.

By using nothing but new and side characters from and in alternate universes, the writers of Exiles were free to shrug off the restraints of continuity and tell whatever stories they pleased. Unlike in most mainstream comic stories, the characters in Exiles could and sometimes did die on missions. I still have difficulty articulating the feelings I experienced throughout this series. Definitely check it out if you ever get the chance. Check out my most recent comics news roundup for pleasing information on Spider-Man 2099’s next adventure.


10. Victor von Doom – What’s a list of heroes without a villain? Dr. Doom is my choice. Doom can be cruel, but he is an honorable man, and this extends to many different versions of the character. I would argue that, deep down, he is a truly good person, but his arrogance and sense of noblesse oblige get in the way of him ever being purely heroic. Check out Mark Millar’s run on Ultimate Fantastic Four and Jonathan Hickman’s run on the original Fantastic Four to see what I mean.

And that wraps up my list. Thank you all for reading both parts. What do you think of this half? Who do you feel I’ve left off? Let me know your thoughts below. Don’t forget to support your local comic shops. Tweet me @quaintjeremy.

Images: Wolverine from the The New Avengers #5 cover (March 2005) by David Finch, via Wikipedia. Rogue cover image from Rogue #2 (February 1995) by Mike Wieringo and Terry Austin, via Wikipedia. Doctor Doom: Fantastic Four #247 (Oct. 1982) cover by John Byrne via Wikipedia.

All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1996 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Marvel Characters, part 2

  1. I really, really dislike Wolverine. I’ve never liked him. He’s a dick. He always has been, he always will be. He’s not even funny about being a dick, the way someone like Northstar, Emma or Monet are. I much prefer Cyclops, a nice guy.

    Most of the others on this list aren’t favourites of mine, either. I did love Exiles, though. That was a fantastic series, until Claremont took it over and gutted it. Claremont missed the point of the book – it was a place to see characters who couldn’t appear anywhere else. Many of them were dead in 616 continuity. Others didn’t exist. Others just never got regular roles. Claremont just filled the cast with X-Men. Kitty, Psylocke, Gambit, Mystique, Sabretooth – characters who would never take long to find books anyway.


    • Yes, Rogue is cool.

      She was my favorite character in the late 90s and I have lots of issues in my collection in which she and Gambit figure prominently (I loved that relationship).

      Thinking I might need to get back into comics once I get a little more financially on my feet. Or, maybe just go sober for awhile and put all the beer money into comics, hehe.

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      • Funnily enough, aside from Cyclops, none of of the team from the ’90s animates series are in my top 10 favourite X-Men. It’s odd, because I grew up with that cartoon – I not only still have fond memories of it, I actually re-watched it just a couple years ago (I still love it) – and most of those characters were the main stars of the ’90s comics. But I’ve read enough X-titles over the years that I know way, WAY too many of the characters, and my favourites usually end up being the ones who get the least focus. Kitty and Cyclops have always been popular, of course (even if Kitty was left out of the ’90s cartoon – a travesty!). But a lot of the ones I love are the “junior” X-Men. The New Mutants – especially Karma, Dani Moonstar, Wolfsbane and Warlock – Generation X – especially Monet and Skin – and the New X-Men – especially Surge, Dust, Rockslide and Anole. And now there’s Bendis’ recruits, especially Benjamin Deeds and Goldballs – Goldballs! Love Goldballs.

        I really should love the ’90s X-Men. But somehow, they just don’t mean a lot to me. I do have a soft spot for Jubilee, and Scott Lobdell can be thanked for that – he wrote some absolutely incredible stories for her, especially some done-in-ones. UXM#303 is one of the most tearjerking comics I have ever read.

        But yeah, someone like Rogue? I can take her or leave her, for the most part. She was great in the ’80s, under Claremont. She was often uneven in the ’90s – sometimes good, sometimes lame, her story revolving a little too much around Gambit (a character I’ve never been particularly fond of – especially when his accent is written phonetically, which just makes him painful to read). Beast, I don’t really care either way, though the ’90s was probably his best period ever. I’ve never been a big fan of Jean, though the Dark Phoenix Saga is unquestionably one of the greatest comic stories ever. Wolverine, I flat-out dislike.


          • He’s definitely the best new mutant of the past 5 years. All of Jason Aaron’s creations from Wolverine and the X-Men have been lame. All of Bendis’ characters have been cool – Eva, Christopher, Benjamin – but Goldballs is just a truly fantastic character.

            As an aside, another character who’s climbing my list of favourites very quickly is the new Ms. Marvel. Female, Muslim, teen, geek, totally adorable. Awesome character and I hope the series does really well, because it really deserves to. I hope you’re all buying it. Hint hint.

            Kelly Sue DeConnick has put Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers – in my top 10, too.

            The best villain ever is an easy one: Lady Stilt-Man. Yes, Lady Stilt-Man. Carrying on the legacy of the original Stilt-Man. Not only is Stilt-Man an actual character, but there’s a female legacy version. She is a real character who exists and has appeared in multiple comics. And she is one of the greatest things ever.

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      • I did too, actually. Plus, she has what I think is the most useful power…I mean, she can take everyone else’s, so she basically has *every* power.


  2. That there is only one villain is interesting these days, as the villains seem to be gaining in popularity at a much faster rate than the heroes. We’re even seeing Magneto and Loki picking up their own titles. But even so, I don’t know which villains I would choose… Hmmm…

    You have tempted me to make my own list like this, for sure.

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