Don’t Worry, Be Happy. (And what do we want to talk about for Feminist Friday?)

A to Z is in hand. I have a post for the Writing Catalog tomorrow, and the one for Wednesday is written in my head. It just needs typing up. My A to Z page is current.

We’re not ready to reopen Sourcerer quite yet, but I’m confident we’ll be back before the week is out. And when we do reopen, there will be comics. That is a promise.

I’d like some input for the Feminist Friday discussion. I’m leaning toward either education or just an open thread. Anyone have any ideas? Or links to help me put a post together? Let me know what you think. This is your discussion as much as it is mine.

I’m not going to break my neck trying to get back up to full speed by tomorrow. I am going to have dinner, and then visit as many of my friends’ blogs – the ones who have been with me the longest and supported me the most – as I can before bedtime. Because it’s been too long since I’ve done that.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy. (And what do we want to talk about for Feminist Friday?)

    • Yeah. All is well, and thanks.

      Education is really where I wanted to go last week, but I felt like we needed to talk about an issue first. So the education conversation could be informed by the issue.

      Thanks for the link.


  1. I think that education would be a really great topic for this week. I don’t have links to contribute for this specific topic, though one place that I often check for different topic relevant to feminism is the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (


  2. Been out of touch myself lately, moved from Japan to California! Glad to be back. I have to second the education suggestion for the conversation. I’ll try to join in!


  3. HI Gene – I have a tentative suggestion for you to consider at some point. Last week you started a brilliant discussion on rape. Emotional abuse has also been coming up on here with several bloggers recently. Now, I am well aware that this is NOT confined to women and that many men are abused too. Topics which have come up on a few blogs over the past couple of weeks are Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Gaslighting. People with the former CAN use the latter to oppress and dominate women. I include a link to a post I wrote back in October. I know you are snowed under at present, so won’t be at all offended if a)this is not a topic you wish to flag up and b) you don’t get a chance to read the post!
    All the very best to you and your wife, Ali x

    ps: Education sounds great to me – and, as an ex-teacher, I could rant for hours about the way the system is failing so many children.


    • Hey, thanks! I’ll definitely read the post, and I definitely think emotional abuse is important enough to warrant a thread.

      Hoping I’ll have a little time tonight to go through these links and figure something out.


    • Thanks so much for the reblog, Terry.

      I’ve said this before, but you’re welcome reblogs when we started up gave us a lot of encouragement.

      Always nice to see you stopping by.


  4. I think education can be broken down into at least two different posts. One a more formal education and one an education parents/caregivers/society gives children by talking and leading with example. Just a thought….


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