Life’s been good!

I got an unexpected break today: two and a half hours of unexpected free time at home. So, of course, I’ve been blogging like a fiend the whole time.

I have content finalized through Friday. So you can expect Batman here tomorrow, a very cool Game of Thrones post from Jeremy on Thursday, and A-to-Z blogging – with art and links – all week at The Writing Catalog. I have an A to Z page over there, and I’ll be using it to catalog the blogs I visit.

That means I’ll have time tomorrow night to write a post to move our Feminst Friday discussion along, and to visit five blogs A to Z blogs every day through the end of the week.

My post about the discrimination language being added back to Mississippi SB 2681 got a lot of attention today. I’ve said all I’m saying about the senators I mentioned in that post until I take a close look at their districts and the last election numbers. But I will do that in the next month or so. For now, I’m sticking to the issue until we see what happens with the bill. I’ll have more as soon as I have time to gather the info.

I have to get back to work for awhile. I’ll be back to do my A to Z visits, catch up with my social media, and figure out what the Legislature’s doing beginning a little after around 9 p.m. Central.

2 thoughts on “Life’s been good!

  1. I love this song. It always makes me feel good. I needed it after I read about MS House & Senate passing that horrible bill. Thank you for lifting the mood


    • You know how I said I wasn’t saying anything else about those senators until we saw what happened to the bill?

      Well, that’s done. It passed. So I guess I can say a thing or two more about them now.

      I’ll have a post here before I turn in. You want to read Part Time Monster tomorrow, a little after 9. Words from a contributor about the SB that you do not want to miss.


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