April Plans, and Preview for the Week

First, a couple of things.

@tripghetaway has set up a Thunderclap for his Project Marijuana indiegogo campaign. He wants to make a documentary about legalization, and I’m supporting him. I have an explainer for Thunderclap if you’re interested.

A big thanks to Comparative Geeks for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is one of my favorite awards, and I’m thrilled to have received it from them. CompGeeks is the first WordPress blog I commented on back in November, and they left a comment here wishing us good luck on day 1. Since we’re still talking, I say we’re friends. If you’re looking for some good blogs to follow, you should check out their other nominations. I follow many of them already.

As I mentioned a couple of times this week, I almost withdrew from the A to Z Challenge. I changed my mind because @hohmeisw(Will) and @quaintjeremy have provided me with enough posts to update Monday-Thursday here for most of the next two weeks without writing a word. We’ll have a Doctor Who post this week and a comics extravaganza for the next little while. Here are my two top priorities:

  1. Getting through the A to Z Challenge. As soon as I’m done with this, I’m going to lay out and schedule the first ten posts at The Writing Catalog. That isn’t as much work as it sounds. We’re talking about ten paragraphs and ten images, and most of it is already drafted, but it will take most of the afternoon and evening.
  2. Keeping our Feminist Friday discussions going. If you only get one post from me this week here, it will be a Feminist Friday post. As far as I’m concerned, our regular commenters have spoken. In terms of engagement, this is the best thing we’ve ever done, and I care more about engagement than I do about traffic. The issues are important, because they affect the quality of peoples’ lives. Equality is something I genuinely care about, and always have. I’m not stopping as long as people keep encouraging me to continue. Nothing is more important than this. I’ll sacrifice the A to Z Challenge to keep it going if I must.

Once the A to Z Challenge is entirely squared away, I’ll start planning for summer and get back to the Tolkien series. Sourcerer and The Writing Catalog are both getting an overhaul over the summer, and I have so many award nominations piled up, I’m thinking about doing an awards week as soon as I have time to put the posts together. These blogs will be taking a big leap forward over the next six months, and April is the transitional month.

Once we’re through mid-May, I’ll have a LOT of time to devote to the social media. I’ll also be able to do things like walk around town and take 1000 photos so that we can have original art for all occasions. I’m already thinking about how to make the most of the summer. So do stay tuned.

Just for fun, “Werewolves of London” like you’ve never heard it before:



9 thoughts on “April Plans, and Preview for the Week

  1. Glad you decided to stick it out on the A to Z Challenge! I hear you on having too many obligations just on the blogging front – I’m way behind on reading blog posts, more than anything.


    • Yeah. I constantly feel like I’m getting more love than I’m reciprocating, and I know so many good bloggers that I don’t read often enough.


      • Part of my problem is then in finding new, good bloggers, where I want to go back and read a lot of their past work… and that does not help you keep up with the current work!


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