Today is the Day

A group of people are walking to the courthouse in downtown Jackson, Mississippi today. Several of those people are same sex couples and they are going to the courthouse to apply for marriage licenses. They knew before they left the house they would be turned down. They are doing it anyway, and here’s one of the reasons why.

It’s easy to sit in an office, or stand of the floor of a deliberative body, deny same sex couples the right to marry, and justify you decision in legal or moral language. It’s hard to stand on the other side of the counter, look two people in the eye, and deny them the right to marry. With cameras present, and supporters outside.

A person can only stand up to that so many times,and this is coming around every year until things change. Or until we Mississippians figure out how to do it ourselves, and start doing it every day. No matter what the state law says, we all know denying the license is shameful.

Once the people behind the counter start saying yes instead of no, things are going to change in a hurry, and it’s only a matter of time.

If you want to take what I’ve done here over the past couple of days and use it to support the Campaign for Southern Equality in your community, you have permission to copy and paste from these next two links without credit. There’s an explainer for people who don’t know what it’s about in this post. There are specific instructions that will tell you how to help them with social media on action days here. Adapt it for your own community and your network as you see fit.

2 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. Watch the video, see if this really seems fair. It does not nor should it be legal to deny the right to marry to any adult humans. Just sayin’.


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