Mississippians are working for Marriage Equality tomorrow. I’m supporting them. So can you.


This is from the Campaign for Southern Equality’s blog:

On Tuesday, March 25th in Jackson, Mississippi same-sex couples will apply for marriage licenses as part of the WE DO Campaign. Jessica and Amber are one of the those couples that will bravely walk into the Hinds County Courthouse and ask to be treated as full and equal citizens.

This is happening at 9:30 tomorrow. Here’s a direct link to the post. It includes a photo of Jessica and Amber, and a statement from Jessica.

If you wish to help, here are some things you can do:

1. Send these couples a message of support through the Southern Equality website.

2. Share the status update from their Facebook page announcing this event.

3. Watch their Facebook page and @CSElive tomorrow and share the relevant status updates and Tweets.

4. If you can’t be online while this is going on but would like to help, don’t sweat it. Keep in mind that a single social media share is only seen by a small portion of its potential audience. It’s helpful to share updates or write about it tomorrow evening, the next day, or even later. That’s how we keep ideas in play and find new readers for stories once we’ve done all we can with a single blog.

I hope everyone has a great week. I’ll have more on this later; we’ll also have plenty of our usual fare this week, as well.

Image via Southern Equality Facebook page.


11 thoughts on “Mississippians are working for Marriage Equality tomorrow. I’m supporting them. So can you.

  1. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I doubt I will be able to access some of the links from work but know that I am there in spirit (an in activism in my own state).


    • I completely understand. I haven’t been able to touch this all day, even to check my stats, because I can’t do activism from work.

      It pains me to say that I do not know where you are. But if you are in a state where these folks operate, stay tuned. I’ll have a message for southerners in once the dust settles. Basically, I’m following CSE’s schedule now, and I’m willing to do what I’m doing for this action for any blogger who gives me the heads up that it’s happening in their community.

      Also, I think, long-term, if I keep a running conversation about this going with a few people, I can do what we just did with the feminism discussion for these actions. It’s just that I didn’t have a week to promote it, and most of of the people I know are still talking about feminism. But this is very much a long term commitment for me, and I’ll help any blogger I know who tells me they have a personal stake and are willing to support one of these actions.

      I just got in. No idea what’s gone on for the last 8 hours. I am going to catch up on your blog right now, before I do anything else.


      • I am in Virginia. We are a purple state in terms of social and political views, but that’s somewhat misleading because of the population density/eligible voters in Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach. I live in Richmond, in a very red county.

        Any conversation about equal rights (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) is always going to have me taking a stand. I have too many friends who face discrimination and hatred for who they love. I see this as almost the same as the racist environment I grew up around. It is important to me that my son grew up knowing how to take a stand and be able to debate respectfully or protest peacefully. Leading by example.

        As I say whenever this gets brought up to me IRL or social media: If you have to ask why this matters to me as a straight, white female, maybe we shouldn’t be “friends” in the first place. It should matter to everyone. (not that you said that, but that’s the argument I get the most)


        • I agree. I’m a white hetero dude. If I had money, I’d have all the privilege, and I feel the same way. I grew up in a pretty racist and religiously-conservative environment myself. It was rock and roll and books that saved me, I think.

          And yes. Knowing how to take the stand is important. Sometimes it’s the only thing.

          I must say, you seem to have a handle on the stuff that matters.


  2. Shared with pleasure – unfortunately, the system would not let me send my message to Jessica and Amber. But I wholly support them (and everyone else doing this) in their brave walk. Ali xxx


  3. I sent a support msg and will be sharing on Twitter as skin as I find your tweets. I sent it out in FB land already. I’m so proud that my family is a part of this and proud that they asked for your input and help with spreading the word! Good job Step-Father 🙂


    • If you click the headline, you can find a button at the bottom to send your own tweet, if that’s easier. But my tweets should be near the top of both @justgeneo and @sourcererblog, I haven’t really touched the twitter accounts since I started.

      And welcome to the playground. If you want to send me a message that and have me see it immediately, commenting at WordPress is the way to do it. It’s always the place I go first when I’m just getting started, and it’s where I spend the most of my time.


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