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Here’s a perfect example of why I read Comparative Geeks. They always make me think. David has a point here about problems being reduced to dichotomies in American politics. I’ve seen that for a long time. In my experience, there are almost never only two solutions to a problem. I’ll take it a step further and say that having only two parties is a structural weakness, but I have no idea what to do about that. This article also includes a couple of cool videos, and the fact that they’re juxtaposed here makes them even cooler.

Comparative Geeks

Today, I’d like to turn one of our recurring features – Geek 501, where we introduce or explore a topic – on one of our other recurring features – Science Fiction Today. In our Science Fiction Today posts, we take a current issue from the world today, and think about what it could look like in the future, at what the science fiction solution to the problem might be.

We like Science Fiction Today because there are so many hard problems today – maybe in all days and times – but that they then get lost in politics, become almost impossible to discuss rationally, and then what can be done about them? This is maybe especially the world of American politics, where everything seems to always be reduced down to a dichotomy, every issue gets claimed by one of the two parties.

I found a theoretical term recently to consider…

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2 thoughts on “Geek 501 – Science Fiction Today

  1. Hey thanks for the reblog! I finally hit on the theoretical idea that unifies the things we try to talk about in a number of our posts, and explains our approach to them. I’m being vague… I guess, yeah, the post. What I wrote. It’s a thing.

    However, the sorts of posts that became “Science Fiction Today” were actually my original blog idea. I also think I could come up with an A to Z challenge just of Science Fiction Today topics. That might be next year’s challenge!


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