Weekend Music: Chimes of Freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of music over the past couple of months. It was on my mind when I wrote my post to mark the passing of Pete Seeger back in January, and I’ve been preoccupied with it since.

Music has probably influenced my personality as much as any other cultural phenomenon. I am one of those people whose lives have a soundtrack. Given the week we’ve just had here, “Chimes of Freedom” seems an appropriate choice for the weekend music post.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Music: Chimes of Freedom

      • Im going to add you to Teddy next. haha. I used up to many characters, and didn’t have enough for a song, so have room in the cast.

        You wanna be the Director of Communications?


        • Hehe. I almost asked if you needed a staffer, but I couldn’t figure out which job to apply for. That would be a good one for me. When Teddy wins, that would make me first in line to be Press Secretary, wouldn’t it?


          • Yes, if Teddy wins of course. It’s a long way off. haha. And I haven’t even declared a party yet!


            • Well you know me. More about issues and people than party. A crusader when I have to be, but a rogue at heart. I’ll take the job if Teddy approves.

              Sending you some info sometime this weekend about some bloggers I have to deal with. Not a troll situation exactly, nor anything demanding immediate attention, but I owe them a more intense response than I’ve given them. Diana’s handled it so far, and we were just too busy last week to think about it much, but it’s coming, and at the very least, you’ll find it amusing. I’m still thinking about it, but will be ready to share it soon.

              In the meantime, I think I’ll go and congratulate the new VP, hehehe.


            • Not exactly. Some folks we thought we’ve had an understanding with for months treated us both in a way we don’t appreciate. We’re in the process of removing all links to them from our social media, and not sharing them any more. I’ll probably have to explain it all in a post, but they have a reckoning coming, even if they never read it. At the very least, the need to be used as an example of terrible blogging for the people we’re trying to bring along with us. We’ve given them real engagement almost from day 1, and they’ve alienated us to the point that we can’t even recommend their better stuff to our friends any more. Since we’ve reblogged them and whatnot, a clear withdrawal of support is in order.


            • Yeah, it does, but it’s so bad I have to put something out there in case one of the bloggers I give Follow Fridays to pokes around and sees me recommending this blog, then finds that horrific post with the thread 55 comments long where where they’re being such douchenozzles. I’ll try and make it entertaining. I’ve puposely not tweeted links from the main account or tagged them on Twitter until I’m ready to proceed with some snark.


            • Yeah, I will. Diana wrote a post about it right before she went to Vegas, but stuck to dealing with the argument and didn’t say anything about the thread. She was dealing with that while I was dealing with DefyTheNarrative.


            • Im on @kavalkadekrew now, haha. Suspended for daring to tweet my tweeps… LoL.


  1. ok, sent that link. I’m checking out for a while. We can come back to this sometime later in the weekend. Not tweeting you any #mischief tonight. This is what that cryptic tweet was about, and I decided to have the convo here while I was sure we were both around.


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