4 Video Games That Make Me Want a Console

by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! Though my primary area of specialization here at Sourcerer is comic books, I am also a gamer—video games, tabletop role-playing games, you name it. Today, I want to lay out a few of the games that make me wish I had more  disposable income. Please note: I am not attempting to incite any sort of argument between console loyalist factions; I have switched sides several times myself over the years and find the constant bickering tiring. Please, if you wish to comment, avoid this particular subject. Thank you and enjoy!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Though I didn’t get the chance to finish the original Witcher game because of its spotty release in the US, The Witcher 2 is one of my favorite games on last generation’s consoles. The Witcher games are dark, violent, and most definitely intended to be played by adults. I believe that the fact they are based on a European fantasy book series (by author Andrzej Sapkowski) helps this; I have to say these games and stories feel more like a dirty, old world Europe than any other fantasy I’ve enjoyed. The appeal of this game extends beyond the story, setting, and characters, though—as a massive, open world game, The Witcher 3 will be a reported 26 times larger than The Witcher 2. That alone makes this game worth every penny spent on it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’ll say a few things here—I love Bioware and all its games, I love the Dragon Age property, and I do not understand why people gave the second game so much grief. That said, this game looks to be a step up from the limitations of its predecessor while improving upon and expanding the world established in both previous entries in the series. The Dragon Age universe has so much potential, and I am glad to see another entry in this story.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Sure, this is a Lord of the Rings version of Assassin’s Creed, but who cares? This gameplay preview does it for me—it establishes the main character and his abilities, shows me a sampling of the world I’ll be able to explore, and shows me a control system I am familiar enough with to want to give this a shot. That, and ripping off other properties isn’t new when it comes to Lord of the Rings video games—anyone else remember The Third Age? I found it to be an engrossing, if tangential, role-playing game, even if the combat system was obviously copied directly from Final Fantasy X. Speaking of which…

Final Fantasy XV

I have been a fan of this franchise for years, and I have seen good and mediocre entries. I honestly think this one will end up being pretty strong. Many fans are incapable of divorcing themselves from their favorite entries in the series to give new versions a chance, but I honestly hope those people can change. Just taking in this trailer, it looks like the game will explore the same sorts of existential dilemmas as its classic predecessors. That, and the new gameplay looks amazing. All I’m saying is give it a chance.

Possible future bonus: If Bioware and Bethesda ever officially announce and release information about Mass Effect 4 and Fallout 4, respectively, expect those games to have places on this list as well. In fact, once more is released about those games, I’ll put something together about them right here at Sourcerer. I may also talk about the Elder Scrolls Online if I decide to play it one day. I just have a complicated past with MMOs is all.

Let me know your thoughts and share your own lists below! Tweet me @quaintjeremy.

7 thoughts on “4 Video Games That Make Me Want a Console

  1. *sobs grossly about Dragon Age: Inquisition and goes to play the second game again*

    I hear you on that. I want a console of my own but holy moley disposable income isn’t my thing right now. Hoping eventually I can spend to my hearts content but, uh… probably not going to happen.

    For now I’m just happy my laptop is pretty damn good at playing games. I recently bought Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II from Gamer’s Gate for pretty cheap and was so excited — even with video games it seems I’m a bargain hunter u_u.


  2. YES new dragon age. I had not seen this. I am fully pro templar at this point, despite (or perhaps because of) playing mages in the previous two games.


    • I try to avoid magic classes in games like this, especially since mages are such a big part of the religion and politics in the Dragon Age world. Are you as weirdly excited as I am to try out a Qunari?


  3. I didn’t finish the first Witcher game, though I have the second one. It’s one of the few games when you can’t choose the playable character’s gender and have to play a male one that I really enjoyed. I’m glad there will be a third one. In the mean time, I still have some of the books to read.

    I love the Dragon Age franchise, including the second game. I had a blast playing it too and I can’t wait for Inquisition. I’m looking forward to playing the game and probably tackle another paper about female characters in the franchise, since the first one only focused on the first two games, and not even the other installments of the franchise.

    I’m glad that The Witcher and Dragon Age exist on PC, since I don’t own a console!


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