One Good Video Deserves Another

One of my favorite things about blogs is that you can use the posts themselves to have conversations, if you can find another blogger or two to play along. Part Time Monster has three versions of “House of the Rising Sun” today, so I thought, hey, why not post three more 😉

This is White Buffalo singing with the Forest Rangers, who do a lot of music for the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Worst sound quality of the six, but still my favorite overall performance. It gets bonus points because White Buffalo’s drinking a beer while he sings it.

This has also always been one of my favorite songs. It’s one of only three songs I can play on the guitar. (The other two are “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” and “Dead Flowers”). This next one is Sinead O’Connor, and I don’t know who the guy with the classical guitar is, but he’s awesome.

Finally, Shawn Mullins. Yes. Shawn Mullins.

Somewhere in the universe, there is a live video of Marshall Tucker playing this song and doing a phenomenal job with a 10 or 12 minute version. Once upon a time, it was the go-to version for when my wife and I wanted to hear this song; it’s just that good. I was looking for it on YouTube when I found these instead. Sadly, it seems to have been taken down.

We’ll be back up to our usual hi-jinks here tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “One Good Video Deserves Another

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