Roundup: #Friendly #Bloggers

So, I passed out early last night and didn’t write anything for today. Here’s a roundup of recent posts from my “Friendly Bloggers” Twitter list, and a a few remarks explaining what that list is all about.

CompGeekHolly has some thoughts on the appropriation (and misappropriation) of works from the popular culture for use in advertising. It includes a fabulous discussion of a Big Brothers/Big Sisters ad that uses The Hunger Games in a way that makes you wonder if they know what the story is actually about.

Our friend Lyn at Lazy Lady had a nice post earlier this week from New Orleans Comic Con with a lot of awesome photos.

My Wild Surmise reflects on Valentine’s Day, dorm life, and Walter Egan, and wins this week’s award for most amusing headline.

Friendly Bloggers” is a public list I set up to teach myself how to use Twitter lists. It includes bloggers of all types. Some of them tweet regularly, some just use their Twitter accounts to tweet links to their posts. Some have good-sized followings; some have fewer followers than Sourcerer. What they have in common is that they’ve all given our little krewe of writers some form of support or encouragement with our blogging. That includes everything from helping us learn how to use social media to simply reading some of our work and taking the time to respond on our threads.

I’m working until mid-afternoon, but I’ll scan the Feminist Friday tags later today for something good to feature. If you have a Feminist Friday post you’d like me to look at, drop me a link or tweet it to @Sourcererblog.

My priority for the weekend, other than writing a few posts for next week, is to build more Twitter lists. Before my account gets much larger, I hope to have all the bloggers who follow me on a public list. Eventually, I’ll do the same for writers, artists, and people who share my interest in social media networking.

5 thoughts on “Roundup: #Friendly #Bloggers

  1. Good luck with the Twitter lists! I’ve wondered whether to try them at some point, but so far have stuck to none. I’ll probably pull hair out if one day I go for them! Have a good weekend!


    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and you have a good weekend, too. The lists are to help me remember to check and see what people are doing, but they can also be a good way to help bloggers find other bloggers. I think more than half of my followers are probably bloggers at this point.


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