Diana set this list up, testing to make sure her privacy settings aren’t interfering with people finding it. You should be able to get to our ‘Blogs with Fan Pages feed by clicking the word “list” or the banner.

This feed isn’t perfect yet, we’re still tweaking it.


5 thoughts on “Test

  1. The thing this theme is doing with that facebook post makes me very sad. I love this theme, but I need to be able to do that and it not be ugly. One more item on my endless to-do list. Back to writing now. If you try that link and you can’t see the interest list the link is advertising, do let me know on this thread.

    The theme has to go eventually, because if it is doing this with a Facebook embed, some of my widgets are probably hurting us with people who read us via mobile.


  2. I see it, no problem. facebook’s algorithm is slightly insane because of their “show only what you comment on most” shenanigans. That may be why. I’ve never had trouble on sourcerer on my phone either.I think the key interaction is to utilize the list as a traffic source and maybe include the url for the list in a sub footer? Maybe. I have actually none idea.


    • Thanks for helping me out with this.I haven’t heard back from the person I posted it for yet, probably they’ve had other stuff to do and haven’t checked their comments since I posted it.

      When Diana first sent me the link, I clicked it and it took me to my main news feed. I had to follow the list to actually pull it up, and that’s why I haven’t used the link more on the blog. I haven’t been sure it would do anyone any good, and it’s better to just use it as a way to keep up with blogs myself than to confuse people.

      It’s dominated at the moment by a few big fan pages that we follow because they’re good sources for humor and memes. We may need to remove some of those at some point.

      My idea here is to get a lot of blogs into this list, so that it moves quickly, and then use it to see how much of a bump something gets when I, say, take the 15th item in the list and share it to my own fan page or timeline. Or when Diana and I both pick an item we like and promote it in every way possible.

      I also think it would be useful for people who are really interested in keeping up with a lot of blogs, but don’t have time to visit a long list of them every day – you can just scan the feed to see what’s been updated in the last 12 hours or so. Eventually I’d like to have 100s of blogs on this list.


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