I don’t always stumble web pages, but when I do, I stumble blogs.


3 thoughts on “Posts?

  1. My natural inclination is to delete this, but no. Stumbledupon offered me the option tonite to post, so I did it just to see what would happen, and it posted to my blog. I am going to check all my other social media now, to see if this was publicized.


  2. The challenge at this point is to figure out how to hook up with bloggers on Stumbleupon. We’ll stumble a couple more this week just to confirm, but, basically, until we can figure out how to to build a following of bloggers over there, being Stumbled by us gets you a one-time bump, and a few views for about a week.

    But I am telling you people, If we can figure out a way for one of us to stumble things that have never been stumbled before, and then everyone else like it on stumbleupon at their convenience, it can turn into a powerful tool. The reason I think so is because we have almost no Stumble followers, but we can still get that bump, and views for a week.

    Also, if you have a Facebook fan page for your blog, I have a feed that I would like to put you in so that every time you post I can see what you’re posting and possibly like it. It is a public feed that you can follow.

    Go to Interests on Facebook and search for “Blogs with fan pages.” We have about 50 on the list at the moment. I wouldn’t mind having 5000.

    Facebook feed rankings are determined by likes, comments and shares. It would be good for everyone to have a lot of bloggers following that list.


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