Are Star Wars Characters Interesting?

– Yes, I think they are. What do you think? Hannah would like to know. (The comments thread is good, and the Facebook conversation referred to on the thread was also good.)

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Star Wars Cast

Today, during the Great Snow of 2014 here in the South, I rewatched the original Star Wars trilogy. I realized, much to my surprise, that I don’t have a favorite character.

Let me explain why I took special note of this. It’s not “They’re all so awesome I just can’t decide.” I do enjoy the movies, I want to be clear on that, I just don’t feel strongly enough about any one character to say he/she/it is my favorite. That’s odd for me. I have a compulsion to determine my favorite character in any of my fandoms. I wouldn’t say it’s something that usually takes a lot of effort, I’ve just always done it.

I saw Star Wars early on but never became a really big fan, and I’m partly inclined to pin it on this character thing. During my formative fandom years, when I was madly in love with…

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1 thought on “Are Star Wars Characters Interesting?

  1. I think the most important question is whether Luke Skywalker is interesting. He’s the main character and people generally care more about him. I love Star Wars, and I love Luke Skywalker, but he’s only interesting in the same way that Cinderella is interesting. He lives a sort of boring life, then amazing stuff happens to him, then the story ends with him having more stuff than he began with (minus the aunt and uncle and– you know– dad). That’s all cosmetic stuff.

    Then you have the issue with the force. You might compare Luke’s little tug-of-war with the dark side at the end of the third movie with something like “feelings” or “deep characterization” in more herple-flurf literary genres. Those are the things that make characters interesting, I think. But that’s not what’s happening here. Luke’s struggle with the force is cosmetic as well. I seriously don’t feel like Luke is wiser or has learned anything about humanity at the end except that people are capable of of atonement. He maybe learns how to forgive and be more accepting of the flaws of others, but you never really get a sense that this was ever a problem for Luke, anyway. His best friend is Han Solo, after all.

    Did I mention that I love Star Wars? Please don’t hit me.


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