This is for everyone, but if you’re collaborating or having a running conversation with me about anything – anything at all, please read this. I’m going to try some things for the next couple of weeks that could benefit us all. There’s a shoutout to Sourcerer and PTM followers in the last paragraph.

We need to observe Feminist Friday here. It’s important. But I am not sure how either Jeremy or I would be at writing the posts. So, here is what I am going to do. Every Friday after work, I’ll do a Feminist Friday roundup, provided I can 3-5 good posts to include.  Any time you write a FF post, be sure and give me a heads-up. I don’t really care how. The smartest way would be a Tweet if you have an account. That gives me an easy way to share the link. I don’t mind you leaving the heads-up on a comment thread, even if the article is about something entirely different. Any form of social media message is better than email for things like this. I don’t always check my email, but I do always look at notifications.

Most evenings, I spend my free time editing the next day’s postings and then either write or network until bedtime. For the next while, I’ll do a late-nite reblog before I shut down. Our last post usually goes in the early evening, and our first post usually mid-morning to noon. That leaves a long period where we’re not posting. It makes sense to me to take 10 minutes to reblog and tag a post so the front page isn’t static for 14 hours. I know enough good blogs at this point to make finding things to reblog easy. After I do this for a week or two, I’ll let you know if it makes any difference in our views. This is sort of an experiment. I’m trying to develop techniques for updating the blog frequently, but doing it efficiently.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the last few days. Yesterday was the best day for visits Sourcerer has ever had, and Part Time Monster‘s day was just as good. If you’re following, I appreciate it, and I hope to get around to looking at every one of your blogs eventually. I try to always take a look when I get a follow notification, even if I don’t comment, but sometimes they come in such large groups I can’t keep up with them all.

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