You can have your own tag!!

goodwriter meme

I am supposed to be putting things together for tomorrow, but I just discovered this and it is information that demands to be shared. I have my own wordpress tag. Seriously. Go to your reader and follow “Gene’O.” The reader will take out the caps and the apostrophe, but allow you to see everything I’ve written that’s either tagged with my name or filed in the “By Gene’O” categories at PTM and Sourcerer.

It was Taylor Grace who helped me figure this out. I read this post over there, which was kind of inspired by one I wrote earlier, and if you want to learn something about how to deal with frustration in a healthy way, you should go and read it. I noticed that post was tagged with my first name, so I had to go and take a look.

I am not sure how this tagging-thing works for people named “Sam.” I am lucky I have such a unique name.  Anyway, I am following myself now, so if you have something you would like me to see, and you aren’t linking directly to one of my blogs or leaving me a comment, just tag it with my name and I will find it eventually.

I’m tagging this for my Zero to Hero friends, because I think some of you might like to know this trick and think about fun things you could do with some obscure tags.

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