5 Things to Remember During Tough Times

Our friend and sometime contributor Alva has a post today that’s worth reading.  Actually, everything at Alva’s Almanac is worth reading, but this one deserves special attention. I like this part:

4. Scars are symbols of growth.

Never be ashamed of your scars. Scars are evidence that you survived and grew. Whether physical or emotional, scars were wounds once, born in times of difficulty. They show how far you’ve come. They are a rite of passage, so do not allow them to hold you hostage. You cannot make them disappear, but you can look at them differently and come to love them for what they taught you.

The other four are equally good.

9 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember During Tough Times

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      • I wish I knew why I can’t be followed the way I follow other people, but I have found that I can add sites similar to mine in that issue to my reader by copying the website url into the “Following” section.

        I appreciate your reading and the same pertains to me with Sourcerer and Writing Catalog as well. 🙂


        • Yes, that is how I finally followed you. Idk what the deal is. I don’t really pick you up from my reader usually, though. usually I see your posts by going from facebook or my blogroll (blogrolls are really for sites you want to keep up with these days – I don’t think very many people use them to find new sites any more). I followed by email just to make it easier to give you feedback and link to you when I find something that fits in with what I’m doing here. I don’t really do the follow by email thing.


        • btw, whatever is keeping you from being easily followed also prevents me from reblogging you. Otherwise, I’d be reblogging every Feminist Friday post you write. I don’t get a reblog option from the dashboard. Do you even get notifications when I reply to your comments? I am curious just how deep this disadvantage runs. I am trying to figure out why you don’t have all the features.


          • I do get your comments and I agree also. My domain is run on dreamhost but powered by WordPress. After our initial convo about it I did some digging but came up empty handed. I have 4 followers it says but I worry that’s why I don’t have many. Maybe if we ask someone else with a site if they have a similar experience on my page and go from there? I have no idea, and no patience for or experience with technical minutiae. I’ll join you on the search tomorrow.


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